What's my doc worth?

Witch Doctor
I haven't really been playing much lately and haven't been watching the AH. So if I was to sell my whole WD how much would it be worth on GAH or RMAH?

At a rough guess 4-6 billon from when I bought some similar gear a couple of months ago.

The prices might have changed a bit but still a lot.

And 100 mill for the boots, sell to me please. Those are good boots.
Yea couple of months ago was before gold dupe and lots of other things going on so prices have changed. And I am pretty sure the boots are more than 100mil :P
Yea boots are going for 700 mil on GAH and somewhere between $20-$40 on RMAH...so yea not 100mil. Even if those boots on the AH are overpriced 100mil is still way too low.
to get an accurate value of this doc, you should replace the crafted items with other stuff if you want to sell it as a whole...as it stands now, with the boa items, you have a nice doc with good mitigation and very decent 260k dps unbuffed...it should be worth billions to the right buyer
Well considering I don't have other items to replace my bracers and shoulders the person looking at the doc would not take them into consideration. Doesn't seem that hard to me.

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