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06/18/2013 01:35 PMPosted by hasuville
You're playing Diablo 2 right....? Not LOD. because if it's LoD then your doing it wrong. You would need to play D3's expansion prior to writing up a valid review. So if this is indeed the case, this is just another !@#$%y D2 ^-*!@ post.

TIP2: Trist runs lvl 1-15, then Tomb or Cow runs, then hit those baal runs :)

Reading before raging - it's fundamental to everyone's health.

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You're playing Diablo 2 right....? Not LOD. because if it's LoD then your doing it wrong. You would need to play D3's expansion prior to writing up a valid review. So if this is indeed the case, this is just another !@#$%y D2 ^-*!@ post.

Actually no he wouldn't be doing it wrong.

Playing D2 and comparing would be wrong. Because what was in D2Lod should have been the starting point to build D3 from. But it wasn't and that is pretty much everything that I have found wrong with D3.

This, a thousand times this. For some reason a huge number of people on these forums can't understand this.
06/18/2013 02:17 PMPosted by Ender

I'm sorry to disappoint you but majority of D3 buyers were D2 fans, this is why it would have been a success even if they aimed for only D2 playerbase. I agree that eyecandy and visceral combat attracted more customers but still it was all for D2 success.

No, the majority of D3 buyers were WoW fans. It just happens that a lot of WoW fans also played D2. This is painfully obvious just from looking at the game, it is basically WoW set in the D2 universe and with aRPG constraints put on it. Every significant change made from D2 to D3 was directly taken from WoW. Every decision from the skill system to the smaller zones, to the linear story etc are all pulled right from WoW. That is what the majority of gamers want these days and it is what the majority of games are like. Companies build games for their current fan base, not for one that existed over 10 years ago.

This is definitely not correct. They were D2 fans. Want a big hint? Look how many people have quit because D3 was not the next step from D2, so they left.
Disagree with OP.

He says drops in D3 suck 99.9% of the time. I find the "suck" rate to be much higher, closer to
99.9999% of the time. I'm trying to hang on until itemization, but playing less and less.

My gear is ah gear bought by finding gold (>100 mill), selling gems as market fluctuates, selling crafting items, and selling the occasional find, mostly stuff that has level reduction. The only non ah gear is the crafted gear.

Not a great game for finding things, at least from my experience.
why even bother playing D2 anymore... i loved the game n played for years myself, but with all the hacks n trainers.....there are still a bunch arent there? kinda lost all its fun for me with all those.
Diablo 3 didn't need farming to get to inferno(you did have to farm in inferno to progress though).

Diablo 3 and 2 have different ways of twinking, diablo 3 by gems, diablo 2 by completed sets.

The flaw of diablo 3 is the item level floor thus you can't get those low level sets in inferno. Although, in diablo 2 it was highly annoying getting yet another isenhart's breastplate.

Honestly, I think the biggest mistake in Diablo 3 was making the item hunt take place in Inferno. If the item hunt was in Hell mode, Inferno could have been as hard as they wanted it to be. The people (like myself) that love Diablo for the item hunt would have been able to do so without worrying about Inferno mode, and the people who wanted the challenge would have had one. Inferno should rightly have had some increased drop rates, but I should be able to find anything in Act IV of Hell mode.

I would have loved to spend some time in Hell building my character up, and then seeing how far I could make it into Inferno before I needed to gear some more.

Now it's like that with MP levels of inferno , MP0 being a joke.
Just found 49% mf wartravs to go with my 700 armor skulders, two 30mf Nagels, Ali baba, 38mf gheeds and 40mf up'd chancies wewt! Mf suit almost complete and all self found. What a rewarding game.
I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. If you loved D2 you are probably playing the wrong game by playing D3. D3 was not made for fans of D2, it was made for fans of the current generation of games. That is why everything is dumbed down and streamlined so much. If they made a game aimed only at D2 players it would have been a flop because it would have appealed to such a small part of their entire market. .

How is Torchlight II doing?
i reinstalled it cant wait to play the new ladder...d3 so boring
More to the OP first point. I agree about the graphics. Looking at the re release of Baldur's Gate with the enhanced version, I wonder if Blizz will throw some cash at D2 to make even a slight improvement in how it can look now.

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