Trying to build an awesome monk

Hello everyone. I seem to have run into a wall with trying to develop my monk. When soloing or doing MP 10 ubers, I use current build with around 266k dmg unbuffed. In party I substitute 1 LS wepon with EF and achieve 292k unbuffed. However, in public games, I sometimes see monks with unreal stats (over 400 k dmg unbuffed), yet at cursory glance cannot really distinguish much difference between respective gear. Have over 1bln at disposal and will pay commission to any of you who shall guide me through pitfalls of buying incorrect gear and will help my monk achieve such high stats.
Many thanks !!!
Well, you do have some end game items, but overall you're lacking focus. What exactly is your gearing goal? If it's dps, you need dex dex and more dex! To make those dps numbers stick, you need to get high all res rolls to increase your survivabilty.

Right off I'd say your chest piece and pants are your weakest pieces. Because Inna's can roll really high vit along with near 200 dex, youre 27 AR is a wasted roll. Look for an inna's with high dex and at least 240 vit.

Your inna's temerance should also be a slot for high dex and vit, as it can have two stat rolls instead of a single resist. A witching hour with all resist will roll a potential 80, at lot higher than a single elemental resist, and getting one with 200+ armor will greatly increas your defenses. If you feel you don't need the extra armor, then go for more dex or vit there.

Your boots are fantastic, Gloves are good for eHP, but have room for improvement. Hopefully with the extra vit from some new pants and a chest you'll feel comfortable switching out that radiant amethyst for an emerald.

Going OWE free will probably be your best bet because all resist rolls have more potential than single resists, and frees up a passive for more fun! Either pacifism in solo play or guiding light for groups.

I sent you a friend request in game if you wanna discuss some more in detail. Forget about gold for gearing tips, I'd just be excited about extending my friends list on the EU server.

Good hunting!

EDIT: Your shoulders and ammy are fine for now, but keep crafting, bracers first for some good vit and 75 all resist ones. Then focus on gloves for that last little bit of DPS you'll probably be wanting. At your dps, a good level of resistances I'd say would be around 500 and 5k armor with 45k hp. Dual LS Makes these somewhat general guidlines, you may get along with much less.
Thank you,
those were some helpful suggestions. The reason of course why I chose items with single resist was because they are cheaper than all res. But I see what you are saying. Unfortunately, AH lately does not offer substantially better items (insane prices, for only 2-5 k additional dps), but have not checked in a couple of days. Will do so later.
Gloves, shoulders, arm braces and amulets I have been crafting. It is really a pain because those are the pick of the lot from probably hundreds of tries for some pieces.
With regards to focus, without some better advice, I have tried to equip items with all 3 attack characteristics (AS, crit chance + crit dmg), other then weaps, which as I said through painful experience I have learned that LS (have 2) weaps are best, closely followed by high end EF (have 1).
Having said that, I still cannot understand how, even with say overall 200 more dex than me some players have achieved 400k + dps. I guess above a certain amount dmg from dex must become geometric or there must be a combination of mantras and skills which maximizes attributes from a particular gear set. Thanks again, I will be very glad to become your friend. Sounds like you know the game better than me, looking forward to playing with you.
See you later :)
Have you been comparing stats on
Here you can input at simulate gear and buffs for deciding what gearing path you want to focus on.

But, 300 dex will give you 26k dps with your current stats.

Reasonable goals for gaining more dex with 1bil?

Ammy 80
Pants 80
Belt 60
Bracers 80
Total dex from gear: 300

For going over the top with your next bil, some weps with 150+ dex each
*insert evil grin here*

But whether or not you can achieve this with only 1bil, maybe its doable, just need a lot of patience on the AH. And yes, since there aren't as many players on EU, the supply of items makes it difficult to find that perfect piece. But they do exist, so don't despair! All in all at your level, it'll be hard to find those 10k dps upgrades.

As for those 400k monks, I'd love to see a link to their profile.
Besides this one of course :-)
He's running around with pretty much max rolls on everything you want.

I don't know what time you play, but I'll look forward to seeing you online.
Thank you,
I'll give that site a try. With regards to those monks, since they generally do not respond to "friending" requests, if you want to have a look at a whole bunch of them there is a site called (I think), which rates most players.
There are at least 100 players at above 400 k dps.
With regards to the link you offered, thank you. I'll look at it closely, and I will use the site you recommended, but once again, at first glance, I do not discern major differences other than added attack speed on amulet and gloves. Those are the two positions I have spent several hundred frustrating tries in attempting to craft trifecta items. Those on offer on AH, though trifecta, do not offer any bump in dmg from what I have equipped at moment.
What is even more frustrating is that I have even more cumulative dex then the character whose link you provided, yet, equipped with my EF (1340 basic points + crit slot, etc.) I still do not break 300 k.
It seems I am going to have to devote more time to study the problem efficiently.
As for playing time, on mon, fri, generally on from 3:00 PM GMT to 5:00 PM GMT and sometimes 6:00-7:00 pm. Sat and Sun 6:00 am gmt to 7:00 am GMT and same as previous days in evening. Tues and Weds are best days, am on from 5:00 pm GMT to 8:00-8:30 GMT.
Looking forward to playing with you :)
Took your advice and changed chest armor and pants (as you aptly noticed). Thanks by the way. Still looking forward to playing with you sometime :)

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