Help me upgrade 221k DPS WD!

Witch Doctor
I'm still having a tiny bit trouble doing MP10 :(. Currently at ~740 AR, 221k DPS, 49.3k HP with ruby in helm, and 7 PUR. I'm thinking of switching to a skorn and I'm wondering how much that would cost me. I have close to 200m left to upgrade so let me know what you guys think I should do!

change your ruby to amethyst on helm. should put some pump on your survival.

ruby is not necessary on mp10.
You don't need the PUR for CoB as much as anyone tells you. It's a nicity, not a necessity. You need more armor and HP. Don't aim for more dps until you're around 4k armor, 55k hp. I dropped from 250k unbuffed dps to 200k and opted for more armor/AR/hp and I now roll through mp10 fine.
How well is the skorn working out for you mitch? and chubs I'm just paragon leveling atm ahha
Well before you go changing your gear around I would go with the free route and try different skills out. First you only have 2 skills that require cooldown reduc (assuming the build on your profile is your primary build) Soul Harvest and BBV. While Grave Injustice give 2% life regen you may benefit more from another passive like Jungle Fortitude, combine that with dropping Zombie Bears for Life Link dogs and you should see a few less deaths. If you wanna try some different gear, you can look at a Manajuma's OH, you'll get life% there and keep in mind that the tool tip doesn't calculate the 2 piece set bonus of 130 int (at least i don't think they do) either way you shouldn't lose much dps there if any. Just some thoughts, but I'm by no means a veteran, just tried to make MP 10 work like you are and finally figured it out. And since you weren't specific on what exactly is killing you, you can look into replacing your Unity for a Litany with CD, if its elites that are the problem. Hope this helps in some way.

Oh and like @Chubs said, put Vit gem in helm and just forget about your XP bar, it'll make farming more fun.
Thanks for the tip frosty, will try that right now :)
Sure, no problem. Let me know how it goes so I know whether or not my advice was worth anything :)
06/18/2013 11:11 PMPosted by Atrial
How well is the skorn working out for you mitch? and chubs I'm just paragon leveling atm ahha

Yeh Skorn is cruise-control to win pretty much. People bash Skorn a bit saying its the easy way out but I'm yet to come across a 1h/oh for under 500m that'll give me the same stats/survivability as the Skorn. Not that I paid 500m, I found this one, just stabbing at what it might be worth.

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