My Dual wield DH

Demon Hunter
Need critiques, I enjoy dw and have 310k raw dps. Looking for tips, suggestion or can give feedback on how well its plays.
Looks sweet! Love dual wielding DH's... Might I suggest crafting shoulders.... Could get a lucky roll... Overall, pretty good as its hard to get 300K dps with 2 danetta's....IMO.
heres a tip here is your unbuffed damage 225,014 not the exploited 309k.
Well being your rock the DW one thing you mainly focus on is getting more Crit chance cause with the DW thats one thing you lose is the easy 9-10 CC with a DML. So at least try to get as much as you can

Then maybe see what an Att speed 10 CC glove will do for ya. You can cut a lil bit on your CD to get that CC.

Also add some avg damage but thats going to get super spendy for ya. Look at a Unity with att speed or CD see which one works better for ya to replace your Hellfire ring. you can take your CD to 400-450% (not sure your exact amount)
My first piece of advice is to dump the Danetta's Revenge for a Calamity, that will be your biggest upgrade....also Avg Dmg is your best friend when dual wielding....the hardest part of sporting 2x 1-h's is your ehp pool suffers by not having DML, so you will have to keep that in mind aswell when shopping for upgrades.
Get more Discipline, and more Critical Hit Damage.

Raw damage are considered as weapon damage (min-max), DEX, Critical Hit Damage, +% elemental damage.

Attack speed, and critical hit chance only increase your frequency, aka dps, not damage.
you dont have 300k RAW DPS

you are buffed by archery and a completely useless skill. steady aim

take the buffs off you are at 240k maybe
Try Changing the nat boots with zuni boots and the WH with Inna's favor ^^ also..also try to get an ammy and a ring with min-max stat
That Hellfire Ring is depressing your DPS; get average damage.

Steady Aim is not "worthless," but you ought to have prefaced your thread stating that you use it.
Ok, i thought steady aim was common in builds. Still other than the hf ring i feel its hard to come by dps increases. Even if its only 500-1000.
Question to OP.... How does your DH roll? Mp8? Mp9? Easy? Face tanking? Reason is... The gear looks good IMO. But does it match your play style and are you having fun? Cheers!
My question to the OP:
Why has a paragon 51 character never killed Diablo?
Boosh, look into getting a Unity like one of the above posters said. You need average damage and that Hellfire is bad.

I'm off the opinion that Unity is a perfect fit with Danetta's Set as the two flavor stats, LoH and bonus to elites, are both good and stack on top of the LoH and bonus to elites from the set. So while 280 LoH might not be do good, 1000 LoH is pretty fancy.

Don't listen to anyone poo-poohing Danetta's Revenge or Steady Aim. Both are great. :)
You should swap ball lightning with Cluster bombs. With that amount of CD, you will be dealing 400k per explosion.

You can also consider swapping witching hour with inna's belt if you want to go for more burst damage.

And Steady Aim does work, it only seems useless for DH's who does not know how to properly kite.

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