Proc stun with Sever and HotA (Thunderstrike)

Does anybody have any problem proc'ing Stun with Hammer of the Ancients (Thunderstrike), while using the Sever ?

A friend of mine (Dac#1815 / US server) switched to Sever a few days ago so we could do some DH-Barb runs and test the mega-crit-die-all farm build, and we both noticed that "stun is no more".

Is this suposed to happen ?

We've discussed this on Diablofans forum ( ), but a word from you guys/Barbarians in the official forums would help us to understand.

Shameless up.
there have been some rumblings, by nubtro I believe that sever basically uses the same functions that skills like bloodbath and some others use and it somehow ignores the damage, maybe this effect is causing issue with the stun (like maybe the stun secretly uses the same thing as bloodbath and can't stack)
Hmm, interesting. I´ll check it out. This would mean that more on kill effects don´t work with a Sever.

Weird. Confirming that Thunderstrike doesn´t work with a Sever. On the other hand, you still get the Rupture explosion. The only logical reason I can find is that the Thunderstrike stun is a part of the finishing blow just like Bloodshed explosions. Rupture seems to be a separate attack triggered by the kill.

I´ll check some other skills, but so far:

1. Bloodshed doesn´t work.
2. Thunderstrike doesn´t work.
3. Rupture works.
4. Bloodbath works as well.
Thanks guys. So i think the main question now is: Should it work like this ? Or this is a bug and blizzard should be aware of it ?
the answer is it's probably supposed to work that way and that it's bugged, all of these skills used to chain off of each other, then one of the first patches changed it so it didn't because if you employed multiples of the skills that nubtro is testing, they could go almost infinite, causing game crashes. Their fix for this was said to be that they wouldn't trigger off of each other, which is true. But they didn't create an elegant solution, so instead of only not triggering off of each OTHER, they also can't trigger off the same base attack, which seems like a bug, or poor design.

I'm interested also that some very similar skills/effects use different triggers.
I found an open bug-thread about this on the support forums, seems that this problem is around a few months now.
This is a great question, and the reason that you haven't gotten many replies is that, besides, Nubtro, none of us know or have tested anything similar.
yes its not working i switch to sever build with HoA with thunder strike rune and i notice that the stun proc is not working then i try to switch again my weapon and the proc is working.

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