I hate to make this topic but .. ladder.....

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To all the people that don't want a ladder : It worked well for d2 and it will be good for d3 as well.
There will be way more players again.
If you spent money on rmah and dont want it to lose its value well **** you i don't gve a damn.
Me and my friends would like to see a selffound ladder mode, HC and SC, without AH and trade window disabled! We were discussing this for quite some time.

Needs: Seperate Public games also for this, and friends on contactlist can only join this mode if they started it, so seperate chars. So 5+ additional char slots for this selffound ladder mode pls.

One can choose to start such a ladder in char creation, so no chars deleted, no gear lost.

New and fresh game mode! Let the hunt begin...

It sounds like your friends just want a way to play by themselves. Here's some help: don't join public games. Remove friends from your list who don't play like you do.

The people thirsting for self-found mode crack me up a little. Even if you get a little indicator that says you're self found (which is nothing but an ego boost for masochists who want the world to recognize that they are special) what happens when I drop a blue item and you pick it up to salvage it? You'll loose your little icon and cry. I will laugh.

New and fresh troll mode! Let the lulz begin!

Easy solution. BoP everything.

But but, u have like 1k elites killed and no hc chars, how can u be any fresher than that ? or is it a fresh start for everyone else u want ??

That is what most ladder supporters want, just for their own selfish reasons.
Ladder resets and AH removals do not help the game in any way at all.....

This really is the main reason why people want a ladder.. They can't "catch up" to everyone else because they are only putting in 10 hours a week into the game and they want everyone put back into a "level playing field" with anyone so they can feel good about themselves for a few weeks until they get blown out of the water again. Most of these people wanting a ladder have crap charaters and low hours on the game. If its just a game as most of these ladder wanters are saying... why do you care so much about what everyone else is doing?
06/19/2013 09:48 AMPosted by MisterAjikko
for those who are against ladder, so what are you guys still playing the game for? If you are worrying about not able to climb up to the top, what are the things that keep you playing this game that is meaningful in this current state of game?

Since you only have a P6 HC charater and even your highest SC char is not even 25% of the way to P100... explaining it to you would be a waste of time. Put some time in the game and set some goals for yourself and you might understand.

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