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Witch Doctor
Just wondering if 2B is enough to make a mp8-10 capable WD.
You would be amazed at how cheap items are when you take 1 step down from "top tier". Take a look at my zuni helm/chest. Both pieces were well under 100m. Oh noes my helm only has 5.5cc and 150 int!!!! Yeah that doesn't matter at all. Hell my most expensive piece of gear by far is my Skorn which is worth about 500m. Look at my overall items - none of my purchases are 'top tier' 2b items.

Just buy everything 1 stat deviation down from top tier and you can probably MP10 gear for under 1B. If you are going COB do NOT underestimate the value of DEX. I am at around 22% dodge with 550ish DEX and you can really notice the difference in not getting knocked back as often and general survivability increase.

Start crafting all the BOA gear and focus your gold on the remaining slots - my 2c.
i agree with you 100% niwi.

I'm just trying to make a mp10 semi farmable WD with the couple bil i have left.

Leaning more towards using bears. But open to other options.
06/18/2013 12:17 PMPosted by inebriat3d
Leaning more towards using bears. But open to other options.

LS Skorn and CoB. The most efficient budget approach to clear and farm MP10 - one is the most underpriced end-game item in AH, and the other is the most leveraged damage skill in the WD class.

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