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Witch Doctor
Hey all! Finally got a WD to 60 and I can say thus far I have loved every minute. I put together my gear with what little money I had. I already know that attack speed is not preferred for CoB but I got a good deal on the pc's I have. Looking for some good constructive feedback regarding spec / gearing for any kind enough to reply. Thank you in Advance.
Love that your joining the WD's, As to your gear... i'd get a Skorn<with LS/150+Cd>. Dump the Mempo for a Zun's helm with some CC, get some pick up radius on your chest/bracers/shoulders if you can, i'd also get 4 peice zun's uk, boots/helm/ring/chest... you need that mana regen for sure.
There are various guides on the stickied index. You may be able to find something that you like there.

Popular gear choices are 4 piece Zuni, the Witching Hour belt, and Tal's amulet. Lacuni bracers or Inna's pants are popular to provide the extra movement and attack speed. That brings you to having 2 pieces of IAS gear, for which you need some mana regeneration if you're going the 1H path. Personally, I chose the Lacuni bracer and BT pants.

When using the items above, a black damage weapon benefits the most from the %elemental damage. 1H rare spear or mace, or 2H Skorn is recommended for high damage and mana management.

Have fun!

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