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Page one reached its maximum so I would like to start a page 2 for those who still have questions, guess I will be the first one :). cheers to all!

Thats a pretty damn good CM wiz. The only advice I can think of, which I'm sure you've already considered, is finding a nice trifecta ring to replace the unity in order to reach that 2.73 breakpoint. A lacunis is also a possibility but you'd probably be sacrificing too much EHP that way. Also, I don't think a ruby in your weapon makes sense since you aren't using any gear with % dmg bonus such as zunis, tals amulet, or stormcrow.

Rate the CM wizard above you (V1)

I'll carry on with this thread.

@avila 9.5/10 a solid CM, nice INT nats set!

@Wicked need some more vit and upgraded gems!
@wicked, a ruby in terms of my stats, i have enough CHD to actually use a ruby because my crit damage is 325%. I would only use a emerald if my CHD is low. @Ryanyzq 9.5/10 THATS ONE WILD WEAPON! You can run with around 500 LoH??
@Ryanyzq: 9.8/10: An awesome CM. High dps, good armor. If you have one more piece of LoH and increase your Reisistance to All (400 now), you will hard to be killed.

show me the ways seriously I want to be where your wiz is at


help me! haha
and @ryanyzq would love to do some runs with you!
I would appreciate some better advice than more vit and better gems. Typically I have 40k health and around 800 res with my other gear but I can't change it since my gear is down. Right now I can't figure out how to get my DPS higher without sacrificing res, loh or AS.


Pretty good! but it looks like you need more loh and res for survivability. 500 loh doesn't cut it for MP 8+.That is an awesome crafted amulet though, and it gives you some room to work with. Easiest way would be to get it on your rings.

Should title this rate the glass cannon above you
@ Avila armor and AR are to low dps and the rest is nice though

@diablolicman, its funny how you said rate the glasscannon above you, my set isnt really glasscannon, im only paragon 46 have way more stats to build upon and my set is still a working progress, almost complete you may have more survivability than me but i can survive very well do ubers with ease on mp10 and yet kill monsters relatively quick while surviving just as well as you do. Only difference is you dont really have to pay attention while I do making the game more enjoyable and challenging like it should be for blizzard games. cheers!

how about me :P
@blackdeath no rating for me since I did one previously, though a tip drop energy armor for storm armor bro! you got all the requirements needed to run it man!
no rates must be ok
I wasn't specifically referring to you in that statement, just the fact that everyone in this thread had high dps low mit, i was with that crowd for a while myself but realized i wasn't a fan.
im not one to rate but I would like some advice,
still trying to craft a better ammy ,100 crafts and still no luck...
@ arckin

15k+ more life
more armor
more ar

And i've made HUNDREDS of amulets and not one have been worth anything, super rng so goodluck
@diablolicman, you did say rate this glasscannon, besides this is just a continuation of the first thread bro, yeah i know what you mean, i did have a glasscannon far worse than what i was right now, the reason being why i chose nats is yes i would lose more ehp and dps but i would be gaining a ton of CHC, and when i reach that paragon 100 i will be hitting the breakpoint of ehp with a little modifications to my CM of course.
15K more life ? what are you running 50 k to life ?

sorry bro not a fan of storm armor...
@ avila not bad.need a lil more armor imo but if it works for you it works for you. slow ias too :\

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