MP10 all day, but.....

So here's my problem. After reaching P100 on my DH, I switched over to Monk, and really having fun with this. I'm at the point where I can clear MP10 solo, dying to Illusionists with arcane and or plague, but otherwise it's become easier. I opened an MP8 and MP10 games and 2 of which the other 2 wanted to do Ubers. I tell them I haven't done Ubers yet as a monk, but willing to give it a go. Yes siree, not only did they get their butts handed to them, but so did I.

So on that note, I'm confused how I can run through all of MP10, and not put up a good fight against the Ubers. Ubers aren't a necessity by any means, but it would be nice to say yeah, I'm game when the group wants to as a whole. I know my Life is low, I have average/decent gear, but what can I do to my monk that would improve my chances? I still craft, not much luck there atm, balance is at like 170M, so not much room there either. My skills on my profile aren't set at my normal passives since I've been experimenting, sorry for that.

Thank you for your time, and any help and words of wisdom from the ranks would be greatly appreciated. Happy Hunting.
Life and armor are good, lifesteal is good. One suggestion I was just given recently was a litany ring for improved elite damage reduction and built in AR, something that would help for those high damage uber fights.

For ubers I would include serenity w/ beacon of ytar passive. I'd also switch out blinding flash for some sort of dps gain (blazing fists, blazing wrath, blinding flash - faith in the light).

I would say based on your dps and LS you could focus on increasing your dps through passives/skills to help keep you alive in some of those higher damage fights. Also Serenity will help keep you alive much better than blinding flash.

If all else fails you can use Mantra of Healing - Time of Need to increase AR by 20%.
Thanks for the feedback, was reading up on old posts too. KimSulki, will check that out next time I log in to play, Dro, took note as well, and see if I have a Litany with Dex in stashes. I will try these out in solo games. My personal group we do just fine, but we also know what we all bring to the table. My problem is in public games that I start, I usually don't find out about the Ubers until the Warden is flatlined, then I'm like, uhm, wish I knew that 10 elites ago type of situation, because now I have to think about switching skills! Yes, I could always say no to Ubers, but trying to be a good sport. Once again thanks and I'll check the thread a little later for any updates.

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