Optimizing the 1.67 APS RF breakpoint

Demon Hunter
12/27/2013 02:41 PMPosted by nswhorse
Bumpity bump.

Just leveled a DH to 60 to try this build (didn't want to reskill + regear my existing DH). One question: if the aim is to constantly channel RF, what does one do about elite affixes that tend to break channeling, chiefly Knockback and Vortex? Is the idea to use Nightstalker to regain enough discipline to keep Smokescreen up continually?

that or just start channeling again.
Just finished equipping my toon (Jason). Room for improvement, but we'll see how he goes. I didn't want to spend all my gold in one hit. (Damage is buffed by Steady Aim and Archery.)
I just bought gear from your build, so far so good, but I feel like something's missing...
I have a lot less dmg that you said it would be. Is it because I'm at 2 lvl Paragon, not 100?
Or am I missing something?

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