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Demon Hunter
This build is a variant of DiEoxidE's build. The core concept remains the same, yet the play style is drastically different.!Yce!cbaaZc

For those DHs out there who haven't read it yet, here is the link to DiEoxidE's original post wherein he has links to videos explaining, in great detail, how this style of build works.

The genesis of this build was pure happenstance, I was searching for an HA cold SoJ when I saw a cold MS one for dirt cheap and picked it up (I have since upgraded to near perfect MS SoJ). Anyway, this got me to thinking, and here's what I came up with.

The Build

MS - Suppression Fire is the star of this build. It dishes out damage in a wide arc and slows all the mobs, thus enabling Cull the Weak to take effect on a large scale. Additionally, by incorporating Preparation - Punishment into the build I can spam Suppression Fire on mid to large groups (I now have 59 disc which really makes this build shine even more).

For hard, single targets/elite packs, I chose HA - Devouring Arrow as my main damage dealer with RoV - Dark Cloud slotted for its nice 12 second DoT. In these types of battles I rely mainly on HA and look for opportunities to fire off a well placed volley of Suppression Fire to keep up my disc.

This build has a circular synergy aspect to it, where your hatred is converted to disc by using Suppression Fire and vice-versa with Punishment. This balancing of hatred and discipline makes this build a real joy to play; it also complements my Danetta's set really well. :)


I ran through the Hollows in Act I on MP7 and when I would come upon a horde of undead minions I would unleash a volley of MS and step/vault back if needed; if not, I would continue to unleash volley after volley of MS (I was three or four shotting mobs if I remember correctly), using Punishment as needed (my disc was at 49). With MS chilling the mobs, it was very easy to stay ranged and maintain the 20% buff from SA.

For elites, I ran into some RD-Vortex-Molten-Waller, I used Shadow Glide to Step around some trees and placed my sentries. MS was used mainly to fuel Shadow Glide as opposed to Punishment as the elites where RD.

So far this build's performance is stellar. Having MS benefit from Cull the Weak 100% of the time is just awesome.

Edit 7/21/2013: I've come up with some other builds, but the synergy/beauty of this build makes me leave those attempts after a few hours.


You can try Tropicalypso's Bola Shot tactic (load up mobs with a few bolas and then let 'em have it with Suppression Fire, which snares them just before the Bolas explode for the Cull benefit).

Edit 8/22/13: I'm currently using Natalya's Slayer with this build. This change has really enhanced the builds gameplay, as the Slayer allowed me to drop the SoJ for a Unity with IAS, thus boosting my APS to 2.78. Furthermore, using Slayer as the fourth piece in the Set grants 20 disc, which is extremely important to have with this build.

Edit 10/5/13:

So, as some of you may know, my signature build is a Suppression Fire/Punishment build, which I have dubbed The Cold Hearted Suppressor.

Recently, I decided to switch to Natalya's Slayer, as I wanted to create a 2.50 BP Rapid Fire build, which, by the way, turned out to be extremely fun and successful.

Since I had so much fun using the Slayer with my RF build, I decided to make the change semi permanent by moving the marquis in my Spite to my Slayer. Therefore, under this new regime, I had to make some adjustments.

The first thing that I did was to go back to 4pc Nat's to make up for the disc I lost from losing my Spite and SoJ.

Next, I considered how my Suppressor build was performing with the new setup. More specifically, I wanted to make sure the one optional skill slot was being used to its maximum potential. In evaluating the available skills, I quickly determined that I needed to use a skill that calculated it's damage based on the MH weapon damage only to help mitigate the lackluster DPS of the Slayer. This criterion narrowed the field down to RoV and FoK.

Now, I had already been using RoV with my build for while, but it sort of irked me that the damage dealt by RoV didn't scale with APS. This train of thought led me to consider the efficacy of slotting FoK.

A few nights ago I brought this topic up while conversing with DiEoxidE on TS. To which he responded by telling me how he used to use FoK, and about the oft overlooked slowing utility it provided (it's slow doesn't undergo the Inferno nerf). Therefore, the ranged DH could use FoK to establish separation between him and the Fast/Teleporting elites.

So after considering the above, I slotted FoK - Assassin Knives and have been using it to great affect. Why Assassin's Knives? Well, I am a ranged DH after all. :)

Here's the build I'm using:!Yec!cbacZc
I enjoyed running this build with you last night.

It works really well with Bola, as you can set up you enemies by firing a few rounds of a bola, followed by a couple rounds of Multishot. What ends up happening is that the massive AoE of MS will proc cold dmg for the entire mob... right as the Bola explodes.

I honestly had never equipped the Supression Fire rune before... but I have to say that it is well tailored to the increased monster density. When facing a huge mob, you can go from no disc to full disc in two shots. This freed up a passive slot, as I didn't need to run Nightstalker.
I'm also toying with the idea of using Evasive Fire instead of HA, and single wielding my Nat's Slayer w/marquis ruby so I can run this build with my Unity.
I'm glad people are starting to show Multishot - Suppression Fire some love, its underrated if you ask me. You just have to get used to the Attack Arc and range, nothings worse then missing a whole volley of monsters and wasting for that hatred >.< but on the flip side, the best is when you see things like " 100 monsters kill in 1 hit! "

Your build looks fun, I'll be on tonight, I'm excited :D
The love for DH even though it can't really come near Barbs/Wiz/Monk efficiency is strong ;)

I've been using Suppression Fire since 1.3 since they removed NS Proc from many skills I've used since then.

Even with Impreza's no-disc RF Build.. I used MS-SF to gain Disc before I start to channel RF since I substituted Backup with Punishment.

Like you've said, that full Arc COLD DAMAGE helps to proc Cull ;)
Give nyan the ice
Messing around with this build right now and have been running it and some slight variations with thrill of the hunt. Multishot + toth = <3
Messing around with this build right now and have been running it and some slight variations with thrill of the hunt. Multishot + toth = <3

I sure do with they somehow change Thrill to get a lowered cooldown on the passive itself upon a kill..

That would make us epic in terms of "staying in range" Hence.. makes us a RANGED CLASS.

With that, I make a new Thread.
Yeah, I tested out Thrill of the Hunt with MS a while back and it was certainly fun to see a whole mass of Demon flesh immobilized, but that cool down...
Updated OP

i was actually trying to decide which Multi shot is better. suppression fire or fire at will

seems like FaW is better at low mp + vengeance since we 1shot ko most mobs

i thought MS will not be viable on higher mps but apparently it may work
I am a big fan of multi-shot builds. Imo ambush is mandatory with 40% dmg, statck with steady aim and the goal is to one shot or 2 shot all the trash.

Imagine cult of weak and ambush and steady aim with a calamity that puts mark for death everywhere. Now that is my kind of build....

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