Did the patch cure rubber-banding?

The patch notes claim that the patch cured RB issues for Tempest Rush. I used to use TR, but the RB issues were so bad that I switched to DS. I'm considering swapping back, though.

Has anyone who wasn't using TR before the patch used it since? If so, how has it behaved for you? I'm talking about using it as part of a regular build, not a TR MP0 XP-fest skill.

The patch did nothing as advertised. However, in the last month or so, I've noticed significantly less rubberbanding on my TR monk than any other time post-patch.

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Hey V.
I notice the recent patch has at least halved rubber banding. It is now slightly better than it was when the previous patch really screwed it up.
It's still too unreliable for regular escapes. I use TR for transport and repositioning. With DS I cannot move in a circle, or leech while moving. It's also useful the knockback halts special abilities like beast charge.
i've been using TR the way i've always wanted except when lag spikes, which makes even serenity impossible anyway.

in other words, i found rubberbanding to be largely fixed. it was reeeal bad about 1 or 2 patches back.
Thanks for the info, folks. I haven't noticed any RB yet, but I'm having a hard time using TR effectively during combat after so much time away and so much time using DS instead.

@GAK: You can use DS on the beasts. If you dash behind them after they begin pawing the ground, they'll charge your pre-DS position. I think they lock in your current position as their target when they begin the animation.
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