I give away soooo many things i find, but this time some may have to work a little harder at it than nameless's....... the EF my monk is wearing will have a new owner who can tell me the size and make of the monitor i use to play D3........ must be an upgrade to a noob, and must be in the americas.........

PS. namless did a good deed, i hope this may start a trend of some kind.....
24 inch BenQ
Dell 21inch Widescreen
lol, "must be an upgrade to a noob"

1. Zambash
2. Fitz
3. Fail

What do they all have in common? Over 200k dps and the ability to stomp mp10, lol
HP Pavilion 2159m 21.5" monitor. Hope I get it. :)
24 inch Samsung like me
this is gotta be a trick question..

You're using a 17" Dell laptop..
I'll go with the Viewsonic 24. I'm a noob...Please pick me!!!!
Regional Code Restriction, can't play this game!
box spring matress
Im standing on my head feeding a squiral do i win now?
noone yet.......
dell 32' widescreen?
Samsung 22"

Nothing in these forums - I looked for 90 mins!

U used to have have 22 Samsung, as bluedevil, hope it's the same one now!

... ofc, it could have been a different blueeyedevil too.
One of those monitors with a huge backside to told the Tube
24 Inch ViewSonic! I'd love the help in gear! I'm broke as crap!
Samsung 27" LED?

Would really love to get that EF :D
Dell 23 inch IPS screen

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