WDP100! Now what?

Witch Doctor
First off I'm happy for finally hitting my P100 WD. Better late then never I guess but I did take about 3 months off and came back the day of 1.08. I'm extra excited as this was my first Character and He's finally done (I guess). I actually had a WD in beta too, but whatever.

I think the Bats fix helped a ton. I was stuck doing MP6 when I had left. When I came back, I tried out Plague bats and it got me over the p50 hump running MP8. Once I landed a decent Skorn, I switched to CoB and that was all I needed to Solo MP10 and Group MP9/10, to bring me to the finish.

I plan on keeping the WD around for some premium farming, but I've got 4 other 60's to work on as well. Any suggestions? I'm leaning SS Wiz(it's like CoB but with teleport), or HOTA barb...

I felt the need for a self congratulatory post, since it's a little more exciting then the Non-event Blizzard gives you for reaching Paragon 100.
congratz Chaos! Well done.

I had 'plans' to try out the other classes when I hit 100 myself, but never could make myself stop playing WD!

If you have many crafted spare INT items or don't mind transferring items off your WD, rolling Wiz is probably the soundest move since you would have decent gear to start off.

I would mix things around a bit though, seeing that you just ended a 'melee' CoB WD, why not try out a range-kiting throw barb =D
now what? farm mp 10 without being 1-hit to anything, while having decent dps ;)
grinding xp is sooo lame imo - low mp for the weak 8P
its all about finding/creating new aims to reach to continue playing and farming this repetitive game XD for me at least...

once you reach certain goals...you just have to aim for new ones to have the motivation to continue...

my previous aim was to be able to stand toe-to-toe against the toughest elites of each act using the same set of skills and after struggling for a couple of weeks in Act 4 trying to train and get used to the mobs and elites in there, I think I'm confident enough to say I am able to do it now...which left me very bored yesterday with nothing to aim for and I went to bed early...

This morning I woke up and after thinking a little, my current aim is to reach 100K elites kill (MP10 farming only) and to save up enough gold to convert my chest gems into marquises...
Now what? Needless to say....

Start WD afresh on the opposite sex you had. (if you have a male wd, start a female)


If not your male WD will be lonely chocolate D:

And leveling is so fast now.. Look at my female doc, only about 2.5k elites killed and Plvl83.
So no excuses !

Edit : 3.4k elites killed.. Lol D:
thought I would add also always good to have both short term and long term goals. without short term goals, you might end up giving up half way before you reach your long term goals.

06/22/2013 09:15 AMPosted by pBeybq
And leveling is so fast now..

tips pls! a major factor preventing me from starting a new character is the thought that I would have to sink in a lot of time into her when I don't have much playing time to begin with...and would rather spend it on my WD
Mp10, ruby, hell fire, festering wood>weeping hollow>field of misery. About 60m xp per run. My personal record was ~150m xp an hour
Reason I start a new WD is that I don't believe in mf bull-!@#$. And My male WD performs better when he's got a wife
06/22/2013 09:41 AMPosted by pBeybq
And My male WD performs better when he's got a wife

06/22/2013 09:15 AMPosted by pBeybq
And leveling is so fast now.. Look at my female doc, only about 2.5k elites killed and Plvl83.
It's that last 10 levels that drag on FOREVER...

I actually have a Female WD in HC.

Thanks for all the advise. I keep trying to play my other toons but the other classes are kind of boring after a while. They don't seem to play as well as the WD. Maybe I'll find some super silly odd ball build and go with that.
When my WD hits 100 I still have a few goals get 3 other level 60 toons through inferno, my barb also got through inferno.

I would like to find some gear to upgrade my WD, I am only 150K dps, but Ok EHp.

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