FS Godly Intel Gear : Tal Chest,AMU, LS Skorn

Witch Doctor
For all the info check this link http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/oldschool16v-1922/PoisonSoul/33684977
lol at all your prices. lol !

good to see that you are going to wiz, i bet you are alot better in that class, stack all the ias yo !
wow, is it me or the prices on the pieces seem really high. do people really spend $150-$250 on one item? i know i wouldnt even if that item had the best roll in the server, just not worth it imo. i kinda feel silly now, for considering showing you a 4bn bid for the set.
sure lol at the price ;)

I just sold both ring to a WIZ

Keep bumping the tread guys
only 3 item left
I will bid 160 gold on the Tal's chest ;p.
bump for a good guy!!
^^ thx man ;)

Price updated
Priced updated

and to be clear... I dont want gold offer so dont msg me ingame for that

do yourself a gift
^^ price updated
You should give me the skorn for free imo. Either way you get a free bump for a skorn that gives me nerd wood.

* Just looked at the neck , and I would also like that for free if possible. :)
^^thx man

price updated
up I lower the price for the last time

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