PC on Zombie Charger UK Serpent

Witch Doctor
Need pricing help for this mojo:

126-474 dmg (300 avg dmg)
120 Strength
187 Intelligence
14 mana regeneration
9.5% Critical Chance
6% damage bonus vs elites
9 mana reduction on Zombie Charger

There are not too many of this kind on the auction house. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
It's a good one because of the avg dmg but most importantly the mana regen. If it had rolled vit instead of strength you'd be a rich man. I think it's still worth a lot though, just not sure exactly how much. Some other WDs that use the snake can prob tell you better than I can. Glws
It would be insane if had vitality too, but I can't complain as it is one of my best finds...I tend to farm lower monster power levels when my witch doctor is in use so I prefer Thing of the Deep.
If it helps for some reference, mine has about 15 less average damage but has 100+ vit with the rest of the stats being quite similar. I got it for 100m right when the AH re-opened after the gold duping incident. It's the most I've ever spent on a single item by far but I had just sold some other things because everyone was just snapping things up while the prices were unstable. I bet you could get at least that much but probably more (I'd almost even hazard a guess at 500m+ to the right buyer). The high strength means that it is not a negligible amount of armour either so it's not an entirely wasted roll.

Maybe wait for another opinion since my experience with high-tier items is quite limited. Good luck, nice find!
Thanks nikt,

It seems like you got a really good deal on your mojo even if it was 100 million. I'll be patient with the price until I get the right buyer.

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