Paragon leveling - any suggestion?

Is TR in mp 1-2 (act2) still the fastest way?
or maybe trash farming (FoM?) at the highest MP possible?
I did a little testing (only 2 runs each) and honestly when soloing all of my exp runs were fairly close. I tried MP1 using TR, MP8 with ruby/hellfire, and MP10 no ruby or hellfire. I preferred MP8 with hellfire and ruby and using a DS or TR to gather mobs up fairly quick. I don't get much time to play so have only done limited testing, but i'm pretty the best would be a good group in a higher MP.

For barbs the fastest route is suppose to be VORCS (vault, oasis, forgotten ruins, channels, storm halls), not sure how much this would differ with a monk.
MP10 TR/WoL, 5NVs on fester/Cementary Crypt/leoric whatever you like, and then kill trashes only on Hollow, Misery, Cathredal (many people don't know that).

Basically Druin build,!dbU!YZYbac

You can TR to bypass trashes or elites. Only stop when you have at least 3/4 mobs so you can generate spirit fast.

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