too much death. answers please?

I am dying too much and it's annoying me. I have recently switched to using tals/innas belt, rather than inna's vast expanse, and witching. Sense then I am dying way more it seems like, but my dps is higher.

any advice on gear choice? I am also switching between a CD EF and a LS WKL. I have played with switching with a CD WKL as well. I realize my AR needs to be higher, but any advice about what I could change gear wise? thanks.
2.3% LS is insufficient, even at 276k dps.

Ar is more important on a tal's chest than dex also.
would bumping it up to 3% be enough?

thanks man
Fact of the matter is if you play with 3% LS you will usually have to carry a second LS weapon ifor tough packs.

I drop to 294k dps with my second LS weapon in certain situations. High dps + 1 LS against reflect hurts.

An amethyst in your helm would help, but i imagine you are playing for XP.
Yea i've found that out lol.

Do you not use WKL?

I have amy in helm now.

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