Advice for new DH (gear/etc)

Demon Hunter
So my DH is coming along nicely and I'm having a blast playing him. Unfortunately, once level 60 rolls around I will only have a budget of 3 million to have him prepared for the end game. I don't expect to be able to farm upper mp levels with such !@#$ty gear but is there any advice you guys could give me on what gear can give me the most bang for my buck. Seems like decent gear is out there dirt cheap I just need to know where to look.

Any advice on builds would be awesome, too.

Come add nyan in game, I have some cheap gear you can have ^.^
That's very generous. I'm at work right now but I'll be in touch.
I would start with crafting.
Shoulder, amulet, glove, and brace.
Just don't give up until you get ultimate gears, but it's worth it.
Add me if you need some advises.

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