Steal a piece from the barb above you!

Saw this thread in EU figured Id start one here.

Your ice climbers
your shoulder
your amulet..i'm never gonna craft trifecta ;(
I got SOO lucky today on my hc barb..the very first ammy ever crafted was a BEASTLY trifecta...I couldnt believe it..I had to go buy a powerball ticket! lol oh and Ill take your mempo :)
your ammy
I guess your boots? lol

Bet I know what the next person wants from me.
WOW those gloves are nice. congrats on that craft for sure :)
Prolly EF.

My gloves are like 4th best in the world. I know someone with the best gloves in the world though. He got his after mine, that sand baggin SOB.
@ISmk - your gloves, unfortunately it's boa so I'll have to cut your hands off to steal it :)

i'd take the tal rasha's ammy :)
@ mick, your ammy, man i missed the bus with buying one lol, way pricey now :)

Adler, id say your EF, nice one you have there. MH is sexy also
@RaginKoala hmm.. Ice Climbers i guess

I'd jack that Mempo.

your unity ring.
@XStealth6 ,,your glove
@ zhong

Licking lips. Jelly of a lot of your gear!

I'd probably start my theft in the following order:
1. Amulet
2. Nat's Ring
3. Shoulders
4. IK Chest

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