Crowd control tip

Something I have learned while farming with EF or w/o for that matter which has made farming alot more efficient has been to replace HOTA rune Smash with Thunderstrike. I lose about 15-20% of my crit damage but replaced with the ability to sprint into a large grp attack the lowest hp mob and stun all around keeping them stunned as I hota them all to death..this is also very effective when going after KW who likes to run from you..just kite mobs into him allowing you to keep him perma stunned. Another nice thing about it is for those who have less than 50k hp and find beserker mobs occasionally one shotting more chasing mobs around as they run in fear from more fast mobs taking advantage of your inability to chase them down as they run and burrow. The time you save definitely imo makes up for the small loss in your hota crits.
No doubt man. Thunderstrike has to be one of the best dmg mitigators in the game. Definitely with you on this recommendation.
Thunderstrike is amazing for killing enemies. In general, if the enemies move around a lot regardless of fear, you can kill enemies WAY faster.

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