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I'm pretty sure he copied your spreadsheet.
On the iPad so can't check it out. Thanks guys. Sharks, you'll have to find silverfire's spreadsheet in the Skorn discussion.
I like Aleas' and silverfire's opinions on pants. The blackthorne chest+pant looks amazing for ehp, and innas will probably be too lacking on the dps front. The happy medium is probably getting some nice rare pants like Aleas said. Silverfire's question of Innas or WH becomes clear when we look at Witching Hour and IK on the belt. Witching hour has the IAS we need and I don't think we would need the LS from IK if you get LS skorn. Just my 2 cents on pants.
Team, i'm plvling as much as i could. Been bz with work too. I hope we nubs will get some training time on ubers to hone our skills and get some pro tips. I've watched the thread by Death.

@LEit +1, inna's doesn't offer much ehp, unless have the budget to stack up on other parts.
I think you guys should meet up in game and discuss tactics and have some trial runs
@ sharks

The guppies are well ahead in their gearing and discussions. Kluno, Aleas is away for a couple of days so I think you need to take charge.
Team, is there anything you guys want to change on the gear set from the original competition? Are we going to copy it with similar stat item?

I look at the auction house, the pant if we just get like 180 str and 70 all resist and without the 2 socket, it will be a lot cheaper and we save money for 2 gem. That will be just be a better pant than the 2 socket pant. or we can go with 200+ vit pant without socket for similar cost, that will improve out ehp a lot and we will have to make up the 100 str somewhere.

What do you guys think?
I look at it as, if the sockets are there just to boost strength with gems you need to buy....and you can get a pair that has built in boost to strength that will be cheaper than having to buy the gems to get the same result....I'd go with the built in strength and save the money....even if the gem strength would be slightly more, I don't think 10-20 strength would make spending millions of gold worth it.
Pants generally have higher vit rolls than str, therefore they would be cheaper. I agree on the socket front though. If we can get 200+ vit pants with 70+ AR and some strength, that would be cheaper than getting 200+ str and some vit.The str can be made up easily on parts like gloves, boots, ammy.
So guys...
just in case this slipped under your radar:
I'm also free after 5:30pm EST to do some uber runs. Since I have a bunch of machines I won't be using for competition, I will open the portals in order to save you team members some machines.
I just win the skorn on my profile for 115mil bid. What do you guys thing about this skorn?
06/27/2013 04:34 PMPosted by kluno
I just win the skorn on my profile for 115mil bid. What do you guys thing about this skorn?

Very good buy.
Do you have to buy from AH, or can you also buy from other players?
I think we have to buy from AH, otherwise, player can just give you item.

I can use the skorn I purchase for the competition right?
@ kluno

No, all purchases have to be made within a certain time frame, once I hand over the gold.
All purchases must be made from the GAH.
There MUST be screencaptures of each purchase to prove that it was made from the GAH and also to prove the price.

It would probably be best if one person did the purchasing but I will not set this as a rule, as long as the above conditions are met.
And I shall donate machines for practice. It is only right that I repay the kindness shown to me when I was training for the previous contest.

I am also available (when I am online) for key runs and assists.

BTag - Anwin#6258.
You're welcome Anwin :P

About the set, I think the original one is very well suited for this. Pretty nice job they did there. I'd try my best to maximize damage multipliers within the budget, while maintaining ehp. (hint, str is not so expensive as the others. It could work withing reason. Near max str rolls are expensive, but around 80% are not. )

Is the budget still 1 bi for the whole set?
Also, @team Sharks: count me in for assistance. I've already did a couple of xp runs with liekabawssss, but we could be doing some more.
I'll add you Llama.

Kluno and I did a practice run last night and we learned some valuable things. First and foremost, we had trouble keeping WotB up especially on the SB ZK fight. While it's expected that we should be generating less fury with 2H because we're attacking slower, we have to keep in mind that getting hit also provides fury. Of course it helps our damage output and fury generation to stack IAS, so that should be a priority like everyone is saying, but we should definitely not neglect the EHP that we saw on the original set.

One thing that was consistent across all fights was that if we were able to take a little more damage, we would have been able to generate more fury. More fury generation means keeping WotB up and spamming HotA more. In short:
A little more EHP (even at the cost of a slight bit of sheet DPS) -> Ability to get hit and gen more fury -> More damage output through WotB and HotA
Not to mention the fact that all of this increases survivability in the first place.

If we do end up veering a little from the original set, I'd personally like to see IK chest (because it's cheaper nowadays), then either high-vit rare pants or depth diggers as a substitute for the blackthorne.

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