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yes, split it is fine with me.
yes, give it to Bugs.
I would like to see a split of the set too. There are a couple of pieces that I would really like to get my hands on. I think we can devise a reasonably even split where everyone's happy.
Ok, if we split, two ways come from top of my head:
First one is to create 5 item combos, one for each player.
Second one is we establish a choosing order and each player gets his turn to choose one item from the set, round by round.

What you guys think?
we can go with 5 item combo or 1 item each one by one, but since we have 12 items, it might be better to group them into 5 item combo.

The choosing order I would like it to be the best time to slowest time.

or it will be this:

Aleas -- 7:42:30

kluno - 8:09:30

LEit - 9:12:30

Vyktoria - 10:24:30

L1k3aB0SS - 8:05:00 (Submitted after deadline; Disqualified)
sorry since you are disqualified, you are last to pick.
Both of those methods sound very fair to me. I would be in favor of choosing items one by one because with the 5-item combo, it seems a little more likely that people would get an item that another player would like more, or could use better.
I heard you guys. Vyktoria liked most the idea of selling and distributing gold, but said she is ok with other ideas we come up with. Havent heard anything from Likeaboss.

As for selling the items, or making item combos for each player - both these ways take time and additional effort. Too troublesome.

I am myself leaning toward choosing rounds - simple, doesnt require additional thinking or negotiations, fair and takes each teammates effort into account.

So by vote of 3 its choosing rounds then.

We have 14 items, the last one would get one item less. Gems go with corresponding items.

The choosing order will be the one kluno proposed: 1 - Aleas, 2 - kluno, 3 - Leit, 4 - Vyktoria, 5 - Likeaboss.

The choices will be posted in this thread one after another - me, then kluno, etc.

The rule id like to imply: If a player doesnt post his choice in 48 hour frame after the previous one, he misses the round. If anyone needs more time due to being away - youll have to warn us in this thread before your turn comes.

I am giving everyone time to think it all over and decide which items you want and in which order.

The actual choosing starts tomorrow on monday with me choosing the first item.
I think it is fair. I will leave it to the majority
My first choice is Skorn.
I will choose the witching hour.
My choice is the Ice Climbers.
the rare ring
My choice is the amulet.
07/22/2013 04:58 AMPosted by kluno
I will choose the witching hour.

My 2nd item will be the immortal helm.
I choose the Lacuni Prowlers.
Stone of Jordan

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