Having a really bad time of it.

Demon Hunter
Friday we had a really bad storm come through. Trees, power lines down. No electric untill today. The wind was blowing so hard and the rain was unblievable. I was at my patio door when I heard a loud noise, I looked and it was a gas grill coming towards me I ran out and hit it side ways so it would not go through my patio doors. I ended up with a broken hand ( left hand).

I have been trying to play the game with one hand, and had to go to MP7 solo to play. I wanted so bad to play in a group on MP 10 but with one hand and no way to type, I wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone. I guess it will take me forever to get to lvl 100 now. But I will just have to stay on MP7 with my DH and do the best I can.

Then we got all those trees to clean up. What a mess, and I mean a mess.
Playing a Demon Hunter with only one hand, know that's what I call skill~
Now, seriously... At least you're alive. It could have been worse.
I hope that you recover soon :)
@ shndany

Thanks and I am lucky that I wasn't hurt even more. The doc says because my hand was broken in 3 places it will take at least 3 months for it to heal. But he also said there might be nerve damage, and I might only have limited use of the hand for a longer period of time. Hope he is wrong about that.

As far as playing the DH with one hand, I can click things real good, but not above MP7 solo. On MP 7 I don't die. I could play MP8 with some deaths. I think I could do MP 10 with a good group, but like I said I wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone. Thanks
wow sorry to hear that my lil bro just went through a bad storm too his city was flooded and luckily he lives on the other side of town so his house is safe. but hope you get a speedy recovery
What area do you live in? I ask because we had a nasty storm here in WI Friday night as well. Sounded as if the sky was being rent from east to west.

If you have some extra money lying around, I would suggest that now is a perfect time to pick up a Naga Hex gaming mouse. I've been using one for over a year now and absolutely love it (the only thing I use my left hand for is manipulating the Shift key.
@ Redcell

I am in MN and the flooding, wind and rain was unblievable. Thanks for the tip on the mouse, but can you use that mouse playing diablo ? I ask because I thought it was not allowed to use a mouse like that.

We had to have people all the way from Ohio to come help us out with the electric problems. The State is in a mess. And where I live its a nightmare. with all the damage done to the trees, houses, cars , you name it we got hit hard.
Hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. We got lucky up here, (UP of Michigan) and for the most part only ended up with a ton of rain, no flood conditions though. Glad the eletricity is back again!
I don't use any Macros; 1 click = 1 action so it's fine.

Yeah, sounds like you got it a lot worse than we did.

I can play a barb with one hand but not a DH :(

I hope you come to a full recovery soon :)
Thanks everyone, I just feal bad for the thousands of people that will not have their electric back untill Wednesday. The electric people were on the news and said they were sorry but it looked like Wednesday before all electric would be restored.

I went nearly 48 hours without electric and its no fun. Had to throw away over $300 worth of food. And still have to figure out how to get the trees cleaned up. Not easy.

But thanks everyone for your well wishes. Thanks
You can strafe a DH 1h on low MP pretty easily XD and it's probably still one of the fastest ways to p100.

Sorry about your hand and get well soon.
Hope your hand heals quickly, take it easy on it!
My boy who is helping me type said - Maybe SillyWabbit will come and help clean up the trees. LOL

SillyWabbit#1833 helped him get to lvl 60 on his toon.
oh wow i know the feeling of not having electricity. after hurricane sandy passed through new york, i didn't have power or heat for 2 weeks. my area was one of the last ones to get power restored.

if i were you, i'd take some time off d3. focus on the community and repairs and such for your house/neighborhood. d3 will still be here when you're healed and back on your feet. good luck
@ Stak

At 7am today , had a crew out cleaning up the trees and I am not much use with only one hand. But we will get through this with the rest of the folks here. I know one thing there will be alot of fire wood for the winter. Everyone is working together and am glad no one lost their life.
with a bum hand i wouldn't expect or even tell you to go out and chop up trees. i'd seriously just take it easy for the next couple days or a week or so. do any little things you can around the house. just do what you can. don't overexert yourself. i knew someone who broke their ankle and kept working out their upper body but because you unknowingly flex muscles/ligaments/tendons and crap his ankle healed but not 100% properly. so while you do what you can, don't jeopardize your wrist. especially since the doctor said nerve damage is possible. i'd be really wary of doing anything stressful. keep your chin up.
Get a mouse with customize keys.

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