Yet another help me thread

Hello everyone!

So, I stopped playing sometime during patch 1.02. I've since come back, and having a decent time. That said, my goal is to get to MP10, and no idea how to get there. So far I'm doing ok on MP5 with what I have. I want to keep with a 2 hander, but it doesn't have to be skorn. I have a grandfather in my stash I recently found, but not sure it's a good idea to use it.

If somebody could look me over and give suggestions on what to get next, I'd appreciate it.
Literally the only way to get higher damage, if that's what you're looking for (not paper dps, high crits with smash), you'd need a 2 handed mace. Chances of finding one better than a skorn are insanely low. Regardless of that, The Grandfather was made with toothpicks, so don't bother with it. For now though, focus on crafting with Demonic Essence. Vault of the Assassin is the best place to gather those if that's what you want. I suggest getting Lacuni Bracers if you're going to buy anything at all.

You need a new build.

Your life and AR are good.

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