What did I do wrong...

So today I decided to do a budget build... everything was on bid, and tried to stay under 10m total, so I can leave room for gems so I can do a 20m budget... what's wrong is I'm not getting enough fury.. and I'm not staying alive easily on mp5... what did I do wrong? here's a link to barb.

You are short on Life Steal. And why are you using Insanity instead of ToC?
Good job for 10m. You have enough cc and ias to generate fury, I can't see anything wrong there apart from the wrong wrath rune. As for staying alive, with 2.7% ls you're going to have to kite the more difficult elites or use bloodthirst.

I don't think WH is the best choice for a budget build because of the lack of ehp. An IK belt and gloves with ias might be better. That would get you more ls.
You can definitely get fury easily enough. If you're talking about keeping wrath up, it's because you're using the wrong rune.
You can't really use WH that effectively at this low a gear level even with bloodthirst. Your EHP isn't there yet. Trade in the WH for IK belt, swap out your gloves for a 9% AS rare and you should survive a bit easier.
Ok, I'll try that new rare gloves and IK belt.
With your set up you shouldn't have problem with MP5

currently running 32k hp, 500 AR 160k unbuff dmg with a 5.6% LS Skorn + 2.8% from IK Belt not running Bloodthirst .. MP 10 no problem

I suggest dropping Overpower for "REND - Blood Lust"..

Swtich Bash to Warcry is another option if you struggle with higher MP

P.S. you might want to upgrade your 69 STR Lacuni, just upgraded mine to 99STR for 1Mil
Since you already have dual LS on gear you'll probably get more out of Superstition than Bludthirst.

I'd agree w/ JasonMraz on switching OP for Rend however I'd like to recommend the Lacerate rune if you feel you don't need Bludlust.

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