life regen

Demon Hunter
is it worth it to have regen on a high level paragon 90 dh
I can get more dps if i change from my current ice climbers to one with a lower or no regen
but my current boots regen wise are the top in the game the change is btwn 2 to 4 thousand
dps ideas comments
I've seen/heard of people using high life regen builds. However, my opinion on the matter with the current state of DHs and shadow power is the more damage you do the more healing you'll do, in addition to killing critters quicker. Since life regen is a purely static reactive-to-being-damaged stat I feel it lacks behind other ehp stats, such as res all, and most definitely lags behind the returns increasing your damage done and thus lifesteal healing would do.
I would rate 340 life regen as around 10 vit.
Life Regen complements Dex/Dodge as it's a defense against DoTs which cannot be dodged.
PVE, not really. I once had about 1.7k life regen on my DH and while nice, once at a certain level of gear and MP level, SP:Gloom makes it very marginal. It was nice for mid level runs though, with a lot of life regen you can remove SP entirely.

PVP is a whole different game.....lots of regen is nice.
Forgot about the whole "pvp" aspect of it.
You only have life regen on 3 pieces. Not that much of it. You probably won't even notice a difference.
I have about 1.2k life regen @ 65k HP from just from Brooding alone which can go up to 2.k@90k HP depending on gear. Together with a winforce, it's high enough that I feel comfortable to not need nightstalker and shadowpower.

Your gear and skillset confuses me. Are you one of those pvp builds? Never done pvp before and don't know what it looks like but you have life regen, sharpshooter and perfectionist which seems awfully defensive and yet packs a wallop in one hit.
thats about what I thought above a certain level life regen is not that important
once you hit level 60 adn get a decent paragon regen is all that notice able
thank you for the important il look for higher ice climbers on the ah
Once I tried having 700 AR, 207k hp, 70k dps (lol), and brooding/aid station. Still is not enough to tank with butbits funny to play :)

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