Still nothing from Blizzard on nz/au servers?

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I recall seeing a blue post around the fact Blizzard was looking into AU/NZ servers and they were going to get back to us when there was something to share.

Well it has been many months now how about an update (please)?
I remember this.

11/08/2012 07:02 PMPosted by Arcagnion
It is possible for Blizzard to implement a service like Battleping or Smoothping? The cost for this shouldn't be much at all. Or even implement it as part of the D3 client.
This is something I will relay back. Usually we would never recommend a third party service within a product though. Oceania servers are not off the table, but it also isn't a quick fix. Will know more details early next year.

Like details regarding itemization, they seem to be unwilling to share. Maybe they haven't figured it out yet or somehow this slipped them by.
Wasting your time and mine by making me reply to this.

It will never ever ever happen. If they didn't do it when WoW was at its peak they sure aren't going to do it now.

There is literally nothing at all for them to gain from doing it. Just throwing money into a giant hole to help a country that they can't even locate on the world map.
and if Oceania servers started up, would you wish to start again from scratch? highly doubt a copy would be allowed as that would dupe all items.
It would be good to get some feedback atleast, I think we have waited long enough.
I hate and love Blizzard atm...that's one of the reasons I cannot wait to get a PS4, so I can play Diablo 3 the way it was meant too....imagine that! At first, when I heard about the lack of Oceania servers I was relatively OK with it because I heard about all the improvements to the net code. This was all fine and dandy until I tried Vaulting with a Demon Hunter....then I was just angry. Dunno Blizzard, YOU SUCK but I cannot live without you.
It will never happen, but as an aside...
06/24/2013 03:32 AMPosted by skitzflik
and if Oceania servers started up, would you wish to start again from scratch? highly doubt a copy would be allowed as that would dupe all items.

They proved with the PTR copy code that they can migrate character rosters from one server to another. IF they ever implemented a more geographically convenient server, then there is no reason they wouldn't give the option of a one-time transfer (not copy) from US/KR to AU.
That would require Blizzard to consider Oceanic customers as more than just cash cows.

All we are is money to them.
After all the years of WoW not having Oceanic Servers not hosted in USA... It's pretty doubtful.

They also stopped all stuff on PC version for Console & Blizz con...

The staff's reply to dodge/roll not planned on making it to PC ver because it wouldn't work with lag, sounds like offline mode is another feature the console ver get's that PC users wont.

Guess if were lucky, Jan/Feb next year, they will release some info on the loot V2 copy N pasted from Console to PC... Tho the expansions 'official' now so might have to wait for that...
Blizzards motto:

"If you arent American we dont care".
Well if they have been looking into they should have an idea by now. It does not take this long!

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