Need some AH help with Barbarian

I have 50mil. Where can I get the most bang for my buck on a WW spec? My DPS just needs to be higher.

Note: If you look at my char, please look at the SC char (Laz) not the hardcore one.

First off, you will want a different EF, get one with at least +.23 APS, +.24 is prolly the best idea. May as well go with LS also, as you can free up that passive slot for something more offensive.

Next, you need another slot of IAS in order to hit your next breakpoint for WW, Id suggest the gloves. Get IK irons with IAS, or craft some nice ones. 8+ will boost your tDPS quite a bit.

Here is a chart listing the required IAS to hit certain BPs with an EF:
2.50001-2.85714 aps - 8.57 tps
1.41 EF – 38 points of IAS
1.42 EF – 37 points of IAS
1.43 EF – 35 points of IAS
1.44 EF – 34 points of IAS
1.45 EF – 33 points of IAS

That is the most obvious upgrade I see, you need more, but that is most significant IMO.
CD on you ammy paired with cc
140+ vit Inna pants, why socket str ones with vit gems when you can double your vit on them and stick str gems in them?
Higher vit IK chest, shoot for 180+ vit on your chest.
Excellent info. Going to go digest all that. Thank you!
Hers the breakpoint thread, its pretty much the barb bible when it comes to WW/RLTW

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