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So i've got a relatively good build going. I've got an insane amount of LS, and can easily go through MP7/8. My problem seems to be surving that one second mass mob !@#$ before I get a AC down and a bear burn in.

I'm having problems implimenting Vit into my gear build. I'm looking for suggestion. If you think the gear I have should work with a different rotation, let me know. Critics, feel free to fire away. I won't take it personally ;) I understand trolling is in your nature.
Hi Subjection,

You need to stack vit on your chest especially, shoulders, bracers, and possibly even ammy if you can get it. I don't like inna's but you could throw some vit gems in there for now, I would go with good ehp pants of some sort.

If you are using bears than get rid of pierce the veil, it is just a huge mana suck that does not help you in the long run. You can replace it with something like gruesome feast or grave injustice.

A good skill pairing with bears would be spiders/widowmakers. You are running too many attacks in general, you only need two, a primary and a secondary. Darts is meh and so is acid cloud. Acid cloud procs best with LOH and is usually used for low mp. You need some elite killing skills such as hex, bbv, or mc.

I know I personally run Bears and Cob which are two primary skills but I think they work in many situations. So to each his own but if you made some changes by adding vit and swapping some skills you would become much more effective and able to tackle higher mp's. GL
To add to what Tocean said...i'd drop the inna's pants for either Blackthornes (with 275+ vit) or armor pants similar to mine

and please do yourself a favor and drop PtV. There's no way you can run this and play bears effectively
Try the Mass Confusion skill in your build. It's great for taking some heat off of you when you first engage a grp of mobs. Most turned mobs stay where you confused them and stop attacking you, unlike Horrify which sends mobs running in fear out of your dps. My favorite rune for MC is Paranoia, a 20% dmg add.

MC is also neat to use on elites. It'll stop them from casting their annoying affixes for a few seconds, and will totally stop return dmg while they are turned. Just enough time to help you catch your breath and get back on top of the situation.
Awesome pointers, thanks guys. I definately need to effectively add vit, and change up the rotation it seems. I'll apply these and update after.

the general ruule of thumb for mp10 farming(and this is subjective take it with a grain of salt, some do it with less some with more.)

800+all resist

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