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I have been away from D3 for a few months now, and before I left, I saw most Witch Doctors running with either an Acid Cloud/Zombie Bears build, or Acid Cloud/Poison Dart, or Zombie Bears/Poison Dart. Now, the majority I come across are running with a Cloud of Bats build, so my question is this. Has the Acid Cloud build been nerfed, or is the Cloud of Bats build just stronger? I ask because I have started a Witch Doctor, and I like the looks of the Acid Cloud build, but I am curious as to why the change of builds has happened.
Acid cloud does 115% damage and 50% damage per second for 3 seconds. at a cost of 172 mana. (the 50% dot damage can not stack, cast a new acid cloud and the old acid pools disapear)

Cloud of Bats Plauge Bats does 580% damage at a sustained cost of 66 mana. but costs 221 to cast.

Basically you never want to interupt Bat casting to cast something else or the mana costs spiral. So everything else needs a longer sustain. Also correctly built Bats requires much less mana regen to so often those builds no longer have the capabiltity mana wise to spam AC.

Really wish the Devs would actually try to BALANCE the skills instead of promoting "Skill of the Patch" builds.
I would like the skills to be more balanced as well, because personally from what I have seen, I do not think I like the play style of Cloud, and much prefer the old Cloud/Bears for some reason.
I believe you are mistaken. The wording is confusing but i believe it goes up to 1000% weapon damage. Damage is multiplicative. 500% increased by 20% is 600, 700%, 800% and so on up to 1000%.
Yeah, as OP as that sounds, it's true >< I actually wouldn't mind a nerf to 600% damage max (and a 2 yard range buff...) But whatever, I'll take 1000% while it's good, lol.

There is nothing wrong with bears/Acid cloud. I play a Proc Doc for heavens sake. Just stop trying to jump on the band wagon flavor of the month build.

So you farm 5% slower than a bat build who cares?

Yes i was talking plague because plague is more directly comparable to bears in terms of range and area effect.

There is nothing wrong with bears/Acid cloud. I play a Proc Doc for heavens sake. Just stop trying to jump on the band wagon flavor of the month build.

So you farm 5% slower than a bat build who cares?

Can you read? I never once said I was going to play the build. I asked the reason why so many have changed.
06/24/2013 02:53 PMPosted by Arreat
I asked the reason why so many have changed.

I think the idea of rounding up a bunch of mobs then mowing them all down at once, is appealing to many. It is to me. That's why I think a lot of people switched to CoB.
Look at my build.I struggle to do MP7 with it, I have been informed a change to bats might let me do MP10
I run a pet build/cloud build... I can do MP8 no problem... MP9 slowly. It's true that the 50% doesn't stack once you recast cloud but that doesn't really matter because when your attacking mobs they tend to move around anyways so what you are focusing on really is that cloud hits Critical and also the life leech you get from it which keeps you alive. I use dogs and garg and once I spam cloud to the point of exhausting my mana I continue with Firebomb(roll the bones) and works well because Firebombs penetrates unlike darts. Also Firebomb is much easier to fire in case you need to reposition with spirit walk or even the occasional kite... the animatio of Darts is too long winded and commits you to stay put for too long just to hit one single target unlike Firebombs. Add soul harvest with vengeful and you are adding even more damage.

Hawkeye.... you have more life regen than I do... a suggestion... if you swap the Zuni mojo for Thing of the Deep you could the pick up radius and use Grusome feast for some serious damage increase from globes. Also get a Zuni helm instead of Guya... you get more damage and more life from the Zuni helm. I would also swap and use dogs instead of grasp. Also like I mentioned above... Darts while good if you have lots of Attack speed is not good to penetrate thru mobs as it only hits one target at time. Firebombs is much better as it hits multiple targets and continues to hit beyond the first target. Attack speed is not so important with Firebombs.

I need a better weapon to get my damage over 200k at this point. When I am full 5 harvest and 5 feast my damage jumps up to 376k and that not including criticals.

I tried the bats build... not a fan of the mechanics of the gameplay. And it seems like everyone is running that build because its one of the few builds that does well in MP10.

I think if I can get my damage up to 250k unbuffed, armor at 4k and life at 80k I should be fine at Mp10. I could also swap Jungle fort for PTV for more damage reduction. I have yet to see a pet build at MP10. While the last 2 patches addressed the pets quite a bit, I think they could use a bit more damage to be used effectively at MP10.

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