[Official]Barb Hangout Thread #2 -Lets Build

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I was good however I felt it was only due to nostalgia. A lot of jokes rely on you watching the 1st one.
Who's my favorite superhero? Batman
The QoTD was from yesterday, but only legit answered and it was today. I will leave it as is and come up with a new one tmr.
06/24/2013 05:59 PMPosted by xxxkan
QotD: Since everyone is talking about superman then I guess I will ask this. Who is your favourite superhero?

My favorite superhero would probably be Wolverine. But I also like Deadpool as an antihero (he's not always bad lol). I've always liked the ninja types I guess...
06/27/2013 03:42 PMPosted by Zaknaril
But I also like Deadpool as an antihero
I'm not gonna lie, I 1st read it as "I also like Deadpool as an anthro"

Favorite Superhero?

Azrael from Batman comics. Hes the character that Bruce got to take his spt while he recovered from the broken back Bane gave him. His costume was better, the bat symbol was awesome, and he really took no crap from anyone. Pure baddness :)

I have the comic book signed as a matter of fact, stood in line for probably 6 hours back in the 90s lol. :)
You got your copy of Knightfall signed? Oooo!

I should also mention the VA for Azrael in Batman Arkham City is the same VA for the Brobarian in D3.
Check out this link gents. Not to sure how many of you are sim freaks but eSim will be releasing an upgrade to their tank sim and it's going to be good.

Watching World War Z today. Reminds me of L4D
Well picking from the X-men side I'll have to go with Gambit. Liked him when I was younger, never grew out of it.
If we widen the choices and include video game super heros hands down it's Dante from Devil May Cry for me. Whole new world of badass. My dream is that Monty Oum makes a video of Dante vs FF7 Cloud.

On a side note, already on part 2? I didn't think I got banned that long >.>
06/27/2013 07:16 AMPosted by LegitBeastin
Who's my favorite superhero? Batman

My favorite superhero is Hitler.
Favourite superhero?

Wolverine One of the best written heroes I ever saw. I also liked the whole tortured soul thing.

Favourite hero/villain?

Batman / Joker Each had a hidden line they wouldn't cross which allowed them to co-exist
My favourite superhero is myself in my dream.
Let's get a new QotD!
Course selection today!
06/24/2013 05:59 PMPosted by xxxkan
QotD: What is your favourite "word"? A tough question :)

My favorite word??? How the hell can I answer that?

I'm going to go with a word I say that not a lot of other people say: gnarly. I don't generally use it as a positive adjective.

E.g. I'll say something like "there's something rotten in the trash and it smells gnarly".
Sawesome (sounds like saying 'it's awesome' just one word) for everyday usage and just in general wasps. Stolen from the back of a bloodhound gang CD, just say wasps the sssssps sound is entertaining.
I'm not allowed to say my favorite word w/o it being censored :C
So hot today omg

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