Swapping from Barb to DH. Trading/SellingBarb

Demon Hunter
I guess for barbs, there really isn't much to look forward to. Kudos to Nubtro and the rest of the barb theorycrafters we've done too good a job that there's no surprises left to be discovered in the class. Moving on to DH prolly, need to break down the class and see if there's anything to be done about their DPS complaints. (have already a pretty good idea on what kind of build to build for DH)

I intend to sell off my barb gear as a set if possible.


Perfectly optimized and hits all dem breakpoints. Elites on Mp10 are about 15-25 seconds per pack.

Would be willing to trade for an equivilant dex/ DH/Monk set but we'll have to negotiate.

Looking for equivalent price trades. Not equivalent damage/stats. We barbs know you DH's can get more dps/ ehp per dollar than barbs. (no thanks to 2 socket manticore with an offhand)

Also, if you offer a set to my liking or you want to trade pieces that put you at a disadvantage in value vs value trades no fear, I can always top up with gold, or even RMAH (have about 170 on bnet balance)

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