How does Locust Swarm works?

Witch Doctor
Im curious because many were using the Pestilence rune.

Locust Swarm has a 100% chance to jump to two additional targets instead of one.

What does it supposed to mean?

Im using Devouring Swarm for the extra mana because i thought Pestilence works the same as the regular non-runed Locust Swarm.
I mean, i only cast DS once and it jumps to all the mobs.
Does it mean it's just <100% chance to jump to other nearby enemies?

Please enlighten me.
Devouring swarm spread to the mob you hit it on, and it will spread to others by chance- so not always. Pestilence means they just keep spreading all the time- no mana return though, just % damage
the pestilence rune is basically best when farming lots of mobs. it rounds them up, keeps them coming towards you (usually), and jumps to pretty much any mob on the screen by chain reaction. Not to mention having locusts on lots of mobs at once provides a nice chunk of healing (useful when fighting RD and such).

when fighting only elite packs or ubers the rune is pretty useless though. It shines when you are quickly running form mob to mob and want to pull them in without having to run around to constnatly reposition.

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