Can I install Diable 3 over WiFi [ANSWERED]

Mac Technical Support
The title says it all, whenever I try to install the launcher I receive this error:

Failed to connect to the patch service. Please check your internet connection and try again.
Error Codes: BLZPTS00002,

There is no problem with my WiFi as it works fine with everything else. I am not sure why this is happening. If anyone could give me some answers that would be great, as I would love to play D3 on my Mac.
To give some further information, this is a new Mac, and my first Mac. I am new to Mac's all together. I followed all the steps it told me to do, turn off firewall/anti-virus, and such, and I still get the same message. To anyone that is willing to help me out, or knows the answer, I would be very appreciated with any tips or information and answers.
Thanks in advance !

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