So I just returned after a 4 month hiatus

Witch Doctor
Hi everyone,

So I've returned. No, I don't expect people to recognize me, lol. I just wanted to boast about how !@#$ing awesome this game has become since I left. Both the audio and video seem to have improved. Along with serious gameplay changes. I used to be able to predict what was going to appear on the maps, but I kind of get the impression that had changed? I don't recognize anything. I was that guy who was playing by myself none stop because the xp boosts were better. Now that there's a party xp boost this game can finally be enjoyed properly with my friends.

Has anybody else noticed that the WD is more enjoyable? We are little bit more powerful than we used to be. I haven't been keeping tabs on the updates, so please forgive me if I'm just spitting out old news.

Cheers people!
WD is by far my favorite class, so many builds! and now they are actually viable for higher MPs.
I don't think they've done anything to the audio/video since launch.
Sharkhunter, I agree. They could NOT do well will high mps last time I played.

Wootytooty, After playing some more, I'm starting to feel the same way.

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