Looking for decent Wiz PvP build

name pretty much says it all..... I just started pvping today after leaving the game for a few months. Wizards seem a bit underpowered, but that's just a first impression. Anyway, could I get a good wizard to point me in the right direction as far as a build goes?
Ask Fr0g and Saltydog.
Ask blizzard # bias :) they made wiz underpowered in pvp
well, theres not just one build.

some examples:

vs barb

vs dh

vs wd

vs monk

vs wizard

this are just examples!
its also depending against whom u play PLUS against which skill set u play.
but it gives a look into the direction how (at least) I'm playing.

another thing is ... ias gear is bad 90% of the time.
straight +avg dmg, cc, chd, int is the way to go for a nice dmg-wizard.

only thing where a (pvp-)skill benefits from ias gear is ... Ray of Frost.
and even then its so AP consuming - that its better to have lower ias and better avg damage (dmg calculated @ 1.00 APS)

some other points:
- mitigation over vit (to some point) ... crystal shell + lreg benefits from that
- get as much lreg as u can get from gear (against monks lreg its pretty usless, cause they hit so hard that all mit/hp/lreg <<<<<<< dodge! ^^)
- get as much dex as u can get ... 25% dodge is a good number (better to get 30% - 1000dex)
- see that u reach a really high AVG damage (mine is on unbuffed 212k without SOJ, which is for sure one of the highest wizard-worldwide)

and yep ... wizard is pretty underpowered in all views :)
really good gear is required to have some fun and not get roflstomped all the time.

if u dont have the gold, time and effort to reach godly numbers, i can tell u that u wont have much fun playing against (at least) similar geared chars.

thanks for the input. You got any advice on my gear? not sure what to work on first really
Strategy vs wd is to get on your knees and beg them not to kill you.
Unlike PvE, you do not want to stack mitigation over hp when balancing ehp. Yes, crystal shell benefits from mitigation, but it only provides an extra 20 k hp, which isn't much when your opponent is doing over 200 k per crit. Further more, diamond skin cannot be refreshed in PvP the same way it can be refreshed with CM during PvE. I discourage the use of diamond skin in PvP.

When gearing for PvP, you want most of your gear to be devoted to ehp with only your weapon and offhand devoted to dps. Thus, you are good with your echo and tri combo, but I suggest switching the inna pants for BT's or some other type of ehp pants.

These are the mitigation, hp, and dps numbers you should shoot when gearing:

HP: over 100 k
armor: 4000
all resistance: 700
DPS: 200 k, you could lose the glass cannon if you are having trouble staying alive
dodge: 25%
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Strategy vs wd is to get on your knees and beg them not to kill you.

That strategy also is very viable vs DH as well, spread the word.
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You got any advice on my gear?

07/03/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Saltydog

Anti-salt build:

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thanks for the input. You got any advice on my gear? not sure what to work on first really

get rid of your IAS gear and try to replace it with some nice int/cc/chd/def stat ones :)

btw: skorn or 1hand/trium is your own choice - both are great for wizards!
btw2: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/mokkal-2362/MoKKaL/10603905

Thanks guys!
So i switched my gear up it helps slightly... but to be quite honest I'm totally disappointed with how unbalanced it is. It seems like wizards are really only good at dueling other wizards and people with horrible gear.
It's all practice. When we make mistakes we are dead. Especially versus Witch Doctors. As you already know timing is everything. With wizard we must use the terrain, timing, and our cheap spells to have a reasonable chance. I have found the best spell for wizards is Blizzard. Stack massive damage per hit and ehp. This allows you to simply kite with Blizzard and try and whittle the opponent down. The longer we fight, the more we can wittle down the enemy and storm armour will additionally do it's magic. Then we can use our teleport and wave of force for large amounts of burst damage at the right time.

Attack speed is truly a useless stat unless you are using Ray of Frost. Ray of Frost does huge damage, but has a glitchy hit box and you must stand still to cast it. Use that slot to maximize ehp and dph.

Wiz vs Wiz is actually my least favorite matchup because it's a game of who can get a crit tele or crit storm.
Wiz vs DH is one of my hardest (iria). Spam that blizzard and use large obstacles to block attacks. Let storm and blizz do the damage. Teleport instant WOF can be lucky vs a dh but vs a good dh it is usually a death sentence and should be your last resort or when you easily have an escape route.
Wiz vs Barb. There are many builds. Double disable, Ranged, +ROF 1h stuff. Very tanky low ias? Probably Double disable. If you can get enough base dmg you can play a ranged game with blizzard.
Wiz vs WD. By far the toughest matchup. One mistake, one wrong mirror image and you are toast. I simply play a spam blizz game and wait for opportunities for Tele/WOF and avoid the little piggy shaman.
Wiz vs Monk. My favorite matchup. Blizz around a pole and pray.

All I can really say is abuse terrain and try and out trick your enemy to buy time. Keep him in Blizzard. Don't be foolish and always wait for the right time to tele.

Edit: Also if you have no +Pot or Regen you are asking to lose imo. I have 2 sets, one with 2900 regen. After playing with regen since pvp beta I can tell you it is basically useless unless you are against a very low dps barb. +Pot is by far the best addition a wizard can have. Personally I think a balance between the two is the best option. I have 300 on viles, 300 on bt belt, and can throw a 550 ammy on when needed. the rest of the slots should have +Pot. Easy to get on Boots, Helm, Bracers, if lucky gloves. The questionable spots are on chest. With elite% and Life% it is a hard call. Personally my life pot zuni chest was worth it to me over a different stat.

BIS (imo)
life% viles. Crafted GL getting armour and regen. IMO viles best because realistically +pot is much better than armour rolls on other gear. Use viles for the extra armour.
Rare gloves. CC, CD, Allres, Int, Vit. If you get lucky grab pot.
SOJ- +2 to blizzard is MANDATORY imo. +7 to ROF vs barb.
Doom hammer or Skorn. A good DH is unique and just does a !@#$ton of base dmg, which makes all of your spells do more dmg. a .9 DH will lie to you about sheet dps and will calculate only 90% of your damage. With our mechanics I believe a DH is better in every situation.
Zuni boots. Pot regen > armour.
BT pants- 290+ vit 90+ int 70+ allres.
BT belt. 280+ int 80+ vit allres armour for dps, or 180+ int, 11%+ life for ehp. Here you will get armour and life regen base so combined with viles at least you have 600 regen.
Zuni chest. Life% Elite% or Pot bonus.
Tal Helm. 180+ 6cc, 70+ allres, Pot bonus 9k+
Tal Ammy+ 6%, 275/275 8cc/65cd. Or crafted ammy.
Bracers. All res. int. vit. cc. pot bonus.
Pox. CC, CD, large int, vit life %. Many good variations of Pox's just make sure you don't forget about ehp on and focus on DPH.

Many other people go BT's combo but I have always felt like Zuni is superior. Not only because it looks better (lol) but because you can maximize your DPH and get very high all res + unique stats (pot) quite easily.

Are you NA? add me and I can show you some good tricks if you would like.

Final edit: Don't forget who you are. You are a wizard and should be proud of that. Every day you will get ganked and frustrated. You will see your fellow wizards, traitors, happily hex+batting you all day. DO NOT GIVE UP. Practice, practice, practice. The day will come when you will NOT regret gearing a sweet PvP wiz.
Thanks for taking the time to write all that man. Really appreciate it. I'll keep practicing and def. hit you up sometime to duel or something.
IAS very important for wizard in PVP

just hard to fit in along the other important stats needed for survival

List of useful ... i dont know what they're called.. but here they are

1. ias

2. fear

3. damage reduction

4. crit chance

5. health potion grants
haha im so opposite of salty

i like wiz vs wiz best ^_^ so fun! .. can actually win..
I actually lose more matches against wizards than I do vs DHs, monks, and barbs. This is because teleport is always on cool down and blizzard does not trigger it. So I need teleport to avoid calamity, get out of the way of blizzard, and to close distance before casting WoF. So unless I get lucky with a storm armor strike restoring illusionist, I will have to rely on meteors. This is bad vs wizards because meteor is a line of sight attack while blizzard is not, which can be deceptive during a fight because you think you can hit them since they are hitting you, but your attacks get stuck in walls while your opponent's attacks do not.
why not just change your spec accordingly

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