Why do you still play Diablo 3?

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I am just curious, cos we already know why some players do not play this game anymore. Things like rewards, end game etc..

If you do not play this game do not react, it would be considered as offtopic trolling from my side, I want to know why players still play this game.

I play this game cos I like the gameplay, atmosphere, I am still looking for a drop of the year. But the reason nr.1 is farming gold, I want many billions for new updates and expansion to spend it or sell in rmah when it comes :)

and I love gold


I sill play da deeablows cuz of all de awsums looots i getz.I really like the Mighty Beltz cuz day look like the mesh metal jock straps. I have 150 pairs now, one for every days of de yeer.

I also enjoy the combat -- the engine is very smooth and the action can be fun and challenging -- I just wish good loot would drop more than once in 2000 hours of game play. In all of those hours I got one good Legendary Lotto Prize ( a nina's chest piece) and with the exception of a cc/cd Zu Pox ring nothing else I dropped was worth more than 1-3 Mils.

Im Para lvl 100 now. In D2 I played long hours after reaching max level to improve my character. The odds of finding an upgrade in D3 now are so slim.and my gear is not great, that I can barely play for an hour before I get totally bored and exit. There is really no real incentive for me to play more now.

I have a love-hate relationship with D3. I detest the Itemization (and arcane sentries) but I enjoy the game play but after playing for a while even that becomes boring because of the lousy loot. I have gotten a ridiculous amount of entertainment for $60 from it and it provided me with something to keep me occupied when I was disabled with a broken foot.
One more reason, I play cos I want to earn a few bucks to pay my WoW subscription :)

Imo, that is the reason for many players that are still plying ---> RMAH / Free WoW :D
The basic gameplay more or less. I play D3, PoE and TL2 but D3 is the only one that got the combat right so it is the one I tend to load up the most. TL2 plays too much like an arcade game and PoE's combat pacing is awful.
Because its still amazingly fun to me and I'm not going to let a bunch of basement dwelling virgins' opinions stop me from playing it.
I don't. I stopped in February and quickly took 1.0.8 out for a spin, then decided I was bored.

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