LF MP10 Farming High-DPS/Tank Monk

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Looking for Monk that can help us farm MP10 as fast as possible. I have a barb and a WD. My friend has a similar barb and another friend has a high end WD also. We need a monk that uses Cyclone Strike to pull everything into one area(and onto his Firebats). We usually farm A1 and A2. We have our own private vent and usually farm alone but sometimes open to public(so many failures that we often don't).

So the combo can be; Barb, Barb, Monk, WD or Barb, WD, WD, Monk. Either farms fast. Just need a cool person to hang out with in vent. Reply if interested.
Feel free to add me. I use a multiplayer optimized CS build with Guiding Light to boot! My availability is very random but I'm always down for rolling with a good crew when I'm playing.

<---- cool person to hang out with ,

Added both of you. Need as many friends as we can get in case someone isn't on.
Hi add me as well. Ducati#6184
CS monk running on MoC + Guiding Light for optimum farming party

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