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G'day all, I recently made the transition to a WD from a Barb and I'm absolutely loving it.

The only issue I'm really finding is I tend to get instagibbed on certain things. The farming speed is way up there, comparable to my barb, but elites are proving to be a right challenge. In general I can do alright, but as soon as they have reflect damage it's almost indefinitely going to take me 4-5 deaths. Same goes for vortex and knockback, I just can't maintain mana having to recast Fire Bats.

My gear was fairly budget; I think it cost me around 500m as I didn't want to blow a lot, I've recently lost a ton of money on my barbs gear. Is there anything I should look at changing in the way of skills, playstyle or gear to avoid having such hassle?

Thanks so much for any help you can give.
I'm no guru but I would drop the lacunis for a nice crafted cc int vit all res bracers. Ias is not your friend with cob. As far as play style I couldn't tell ya. Also if u can handle it I liked running a skorn with cob. But I like the mck/mojo route as well seems to be 6 of one half dozen of the other. Skorn gets u the life steal for rd packs tho and u can channel bats longer. Elites r just kinda hard if ur getting knock back vortex or if they move around. Its just the nature of cob.
Not very economical but a sure win method: Just get a mid range skorn to switch when u encounter these packs. U can also use it for seige breaker.

Alternative will be to up ur mitigation to 88%, use hex and get pickup radius of at least 7 so u can use GI and GF. I find those passives really help in sustainability.

At ur level think its more value to go for the skorn. I spent close to 1 bill to get my current set. (Plus a serpent on the side)

Gd luck!

your gear is good ( of corse there is always room for improvement).
your issue seems to be more of a playstyle problem. you should not be DPSing into reflect damage, unless there is lots of monsters nearby to supplement the damage you take from reflect damage by lifesteal.

it is annoying when there are enemies that interrupt cloud of bats, but you need to kite till you have mana left , or save spirit walk for those times. from your description it sounds as if you are tunnel-visioning too much.

best of luck , keep at it and you will get the hang of the bats build.
@Fenix, English language please. Besides your table of CoB ramp-up damage is wrong. It's a flat 5 secs now.

@Geezer, you have only half the LS of a Skorn user, therefore your mitigation needs to be much higher. This can be achieved through gear items with better eHP/mitigation. Horrify:FA and JF passive will help you significantly.

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