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Been farming a1mp1 whole act for over 15hrs went from plvl1-15 and not one legendary. Wth is wrong. On my wd on a1mp0 he finds a legendary about 1 every 2 hrs.
maybe you're bugged because I certainly don't get legendaries like that.

My legendaries almost always come from full group plays in either act 2-3, with 5 stacks of NV and at MP 5-7. I very rarely get them at any MP lower and in solo I can only get them with any reliability if I I go to MP7 and run Act 3.

But mostly, an early level 60 playing MP1 is probably taking ages to kill monsters.

MP is really not great for magic find (and thus legendary chance). It is more useful for experience (hence how you got to paragon level 15). Otherwise, MP1 just adds 5% MF to your legendary chance, while at the same time, monsters take longer to get killed. So if you want a large quantity of legendaries lower MP is better.

However, MP0 in act 1 and 2 would be wrong, because monsters are level 61.

I would say that MP0 act3 is more efficient for legendary drop rate than MP1, unless you have gear good enough to one-shot monsters and three-shot elites in MP1.
I farm Act I MP 1 and I've never seen a legendary since I got to level 60. My WD is paragon 13.
I was farming MP4 until last week. This week I decided I need some rest. So I went to MP1, I am now one-shooting most monsters and dealing with elites very easily.

Got 6 legendaries from MP1 so far.

Killing efficiency is always the most important factor.

Although I must admit that the less challenging atmosphere has also allowed me to up my MF a bit.
My monk clears mp1 easy almost 1shot all
I farm MP7 with full MF gear. In a group of four. Max MF all the way. I get a legendary nearly every run. Sometimes 2 sometimes 4 sometimes none. I believe in MF. And in RNG.
Im on hardcore so I cant jump up in the mps to much
I understand the OP's frustration when one character seems to get more legendaries than another. My monk seems to get the majority of the legend drops. I have gotten drops with no stacks, joined game and ported to team and as soon as I landed in battle the loot dropped and boom. Most recently I was running a public game and in the halls of agony got the vile wards my barb is wearing from a corpse flip between packs.

On the other side I have gone long stretches on all characters with nothing but and endless stream of 200 dps weapons(20 in a row). I left game and double checked if I was even in Inferno.

When I find myself in a slump I just focus on farming gems or tomes or stockpiling crafting mats. The more you focus on whats not dropping the longer the drought will seem. Good Luck.
My barb farms mp6-10 depending on what mood I am in (solo) and I get anywhere from 0-3 Legendaries or set piece per Act 1 run. Sometimes I get 2 with 3 stacks, some time I have 5 stacks the whole time and get nothing.

It seems fairly random to me.
I think it's just a string of bad luck combined with the fact that your MF is relatively low. you're farming low MP with low paragon levels. just keep grinding and getting your paragon levels up and you will start seeing them more and more often.

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