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Hi guys,

my friend lost his password. He can login to the game but not on the website cause the website says "wrong password".

He kept trying and now his account is locked, and he cannot unlock it cause he didnt use his real name while registering, but he did receive emails from blizzard cause he has access to his e-mail address obviously.

He tried to submit a ticket but that is impossible, if you are not logged in to the website so, he is stuck and cant do anything.

Calling from his country to Blizzard will cost him a ton of euro's and is kinda crazy... does anyone know how we might be able to contact customer service so they can fix it?
Support > Diablo 3 > I can't login > my issue is not listed here. If he needs to call the phone button will light up. Anyone can use Skype to call Blizzard for free.

Also, if he can't remember his own name....that is going to be a big issue.
thank you very much, he knows the firstname he used to register, but cant recall the last name. as said, he didnt fill in his real data for which I cant really blame him cause not everyone needs to know that kind of stuff I personally think.

I will mail him the links you provided, thank you very much for your time and fast reply <3

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