5 stack need to get inferno machine plan?

Items and Crafting
I know I need 5 stacks for the keys.. Also i need 9 keys (3 of each obviously) to be able to craft to hellfire ring correct? I was also wondering for the hellfire ring designer.. Is the only way of acquiring it to spend 2 million gold? There's no other way to get it? That's a lot of gold and even at 400% magic find I still get garbage drops, most of my decent drops are level 60 items, rings... Most of the yellows I get are better than the legendaries I get.

Looking for an opinion.. Whgich peice of armour that i can craft should I try to upgrade? I'm not going to do the shoulders because I have a lot of resistance on that my shoulders alone is over 25% of my resistance... I tried crafting a bunch of amulets but I always get garbage.. I crafted around 15 and I didn't even get one with critical hit chance.. If only one of them had the critical hit chance I wqould of had an amazing amulet.

Right now I'm trying to get more resistance since it's really low at 420, it use to be around 700-800 but my gear was crappy.. For my bracers I would like to have more vitality and have poison and all resist but that would be VERY hard to get especially if I wanted to keep the armour too.. I would still take it even if it didn't have an armour upgrade.

For my gloves I would like to get IAS in there, along with poison and all resist and more critical hit damage couldn't hurt. I guess my question is which piece am I more likely to get a better upgrade with less amount of demonic essence.

I heard when you get to a really high level at a certain point armour becomes more useful than resist, is this true? I'm sorry for all the questions.... I know it's a lot... I'm also looking for somebody that can help me fight the uber bosses on mp10 I have all the keys.....

P.S. Yes I know I need a new belt I'm working on buying the witching hour or w/e it's called but I don't have much gold to work with atm.. If somebody could give me some tips on how to make gold fast that would be great... I have over 10m to work with maybe more.. If anybody is willing to help me out they can add me and send me a message, thanks!

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