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Any form of advise would be much appreciated.

Let's go!
you could probably craft better shoulders.
Im new here but Im trying to crack 200 dps with all characters, with 500k ehp. any advice on how to help my WD other than crafting a new amulet. I have about 200m for this character


Im new but you need more int. on your pants and 8% poison dam on your boots
Labrat with only 200mil i dont see you getting to 200k any time soon. You are right your ammy is your next upgrade. After that i would look into some all res zuni trails but those go for 500mil with the same int and vit that you already have.

Your build and gear seem to be best suited for low mp fast farming runs. XP maybe? I would suggest a lifesteal weapon. That way you could get rid of the life gem in your helm. You would also be able to ditch the blackthornes pants for high armor, vitality AR rares.
Proc doc don't need no lifesteal and can survive mp10 just dandy.

As for you Mr Golden Shoulders, time to fix that roll.

What a TANK! I have not seen one of those since the old days when inferno was actually hard! Big huge thumbs up for kicking it old school.


Yea what Surijak said. Life on HIT and proc effects are the bread and butter of Rain of Toads/Acid Cloud builds.

Skip me and review Surijak again pls.

Awesome gloves, killer Zunimasa Pox Ring and a killer Zunimasa Chest!
It is amazing how similar our characters are. It looks like you need more vitality - the same problem I have. My recommendations from an aspiring WD

1. Zuni Pox needs Crit
2. Vit on Bracers
3. AR on Zuni Boots

For a quick second, I thought I was looking at my own profile :)
Hey buddy,

I couldn't agree with you more about our builds and your suggestions. Quite crazy how similar we are. Feel free to add me. I'm literally two days into getting back into D3 for the first time in 4 months. More vit in my chest would do me greatly as well. I was thinking about making a bit of a dps sacrifice by completing the Manajuma set by getting the mojo for it. We only have one gem different from one another, lol

I think my best item that I found was my Zuni helm. Also, check out the perfect roll for the weapon on my follower. I'll be removing my sorceress soon. I should have a tank instead.

Gosh u really are alike witt verno. I thought I was looking up the same player on d3up.

I'm new to wd but I agree with ur own self assessment that u could do with more life. Mitigation is looking good so just notch up the armour abit? :) other than that looking gd!

I know I'm stretching my aps a bit but so far the mana is sustainable. Still looking to drop one more ias somewhere without giving up the dps. Suggestions?

I got a skorn but want to try the 1h build for now.
Fatality, if you got some PUR you could use grave injustice which is great for the reduced cooldowns. You have more ehp than me, but how do you get on with the less LS?

Also, if you got crit on your helm you could up your damage. I do not think you need the extra mana regen since you have it on your set bonus and OH,
Holy crap Bizzcutt, very nice toon. All your pieces are very solid. You have a very high DPS without any attack speed. Very impressive. So all my recommendations will seem rather petty since you can already facetank MP10

1. Zuni helm needs 6.0 crit
2. You need an AR roll on your amazing pants
3. Vit roll on bracers
4. You need to craft about 2000 amulets to beat the one you've got, but you could roll one with vit and AR
5. Why Blood ritual vs spirit ritual or something else?

Seriously bro, very nice setup.

@ storm - I will add you when I get home from work!!!

I don't know what mp you are currently running, for MP10 maybe the following can help with farming efficiency

1) your hp is a bit low for mp10, take out the ruby in helm and put amethyst in

2) bracer needs upgrade for sure, higher crit with vit and higher all res (be prepared to burn hundreds of essence though), similarly shoulder can be upgraded too, but current should is OK

3) inna pants, personally I don't like inna pants ( I know 12 MS is nice), because they hurt EHP too much. particularly you are running a 1h/mojo setup, a rare pants with high vit/int, and all res and armor can help a lot against RD.

4) Your zuni boots can get a much better one with either high vit and armor or high vit and allres.
@Neuron looks pretty solid to me, Im a noob to the WD class. I have about 100 DE's left what would you craft first if you were me?? ....amulet?
@labrat need much upgrade, try crafting first.. cheap and need luck. try to pray everyday :D cheers
Skip me, since I was reviewed


Thanks, I found a strength crit mempo at plvl 9 which basically geared my wd for life. I wish my pants had AR but I got them for a 10m bid so I am not complaining lol. I am crafting lots of amulets, and gloves but probably be a while before something hits.
@ Odyssey

Very nice WD! It seems all you have let to do is upgrade your gems at this point. Other than that would be to find a comparable mojo with -ZC since you have bears on your skill bar. (still a very nice serpent) All in all one hell of a doctor.
@Odyssey - Solid. The only thing I see for you to upgrade would be a Tal ammy with a min-max multiplier.

I have two WDs. COB and Zero-Dog. Haven't really tested the zero-dog yet being Im in hell with it still. LOL.

Feel free to critique both.
Sorry I've never played zdog so won't comment on that one.

Your WD has pretty sick gear.. only thing to try would be to roll a 6% 280+ int bracer, if you can live without the movement speed. Your ticks will be 2 frames slower but it should hardly be noticeable and you wont burn through mana as fast. Very nice gear though and feel free to ignore me :D

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