While we're talking DH buffs...

Demon Hunter
i want my death sentries from diablo 2 assassin...

anyone else remember death sentries...? sentries with the corpse explosion ability

so here's what you do... remove the CD on sentry... cuz it takes 20-30 seconds to kill an elite anyway, can't even get 3 sentries out b4 the elite is dead...

then you add the corpse explosion feature to the sentry so that way as soon as the first monster dies, his corpse explodes for like 80% the corpse's life in dmg and a chain reaction will wipe the whole room dead in a matter of seconds!

maybe keep the cooldown but add corpse explosion... xD

feel free to leave some other crazy ideas :D
Monks exploding palm is the closet thing to death sentry in d3 :(
Zombie dog is what you need. Those 0 cooldown dogs explode before they are even summoned.
Agreed on the removal of the CD. There's already a limit on the number of sentries you can have, so the CD is just another meaningless restriction.

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