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Hi, I would like to get some advice. I am going to start a WD soon and will be transferring all my wiz items to the WD. I wear SOJ on all my characters because i feel that the elite dmg is really huge even though the dps is low. But I am wondering if my WD should wear one too? I do have a wailing host ring to replace the SOJ if need be. Do any of you COB docs wear soj for the elite dmg?
I switch between SoJ and a rare ring quite often depending on what it is i'm trying to do.
Grinding mobs for para i'll go with the rare ring.
Farming Dessence / elites i'll go with SoJ.
Ubers , i'll go with SoJ.
A SoJ will always beat a wailing host for a wd. The extra mana is awesome, and the effective dps (to elites) is almost impossible to match. The first question you need to ask though is whether you want extra damage to elites. If you're farming act 1 then SoJ probably isn't the best because you're rarely fighting elites. If you're doing Vault runs, SoJ is amazing.

If you decide you want to use a SoJ, you then need to determine whether you actually can. As I say, SoJ is hard to beat for dps, but it is terrible for ehp. Many wds prefer to use a Litany in place of a SoJ (reduced damage from elites and AR). Bats require tanking - there is no point in wearing a SoJ if you can't sit in the middle of an elite group and channel.

In general, the best rings for each setup are:

Unity for trash farming
Litany for elites on mp10 (ehp setup)
SoJ for elites on mp10 (dps setup)
cool thanks for the input, i am currently playing sleet storm build for my wiz, i can basically tank everything up to mp9 and for mp10, it requires a bit of attention and re-positioning. I had soj equipped on my wiz. As what had been discussed here recently, the sleet storm and COB builds are almost identical. I also had a really nice shoulders crafted (similar to the one on my wiz but also with 6 PUR and 11k life grant on health globes - i think this will be really helpful on my new wd).

If you take a look at my wiz, do you think my new wd can do MP10 with ease?

I will do just what you guys recommended, switching SOJ and litany whenever it is necessary,
When your fully buffed on a WD a SoJ becomes dangerous. Make sure to take it off for RD packs or make sure you don't hit more than one of the Elites at a time.

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