Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift

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Very Nice Bracers ManU, I like all your crafts actually, and its cool to see someone using 2 swords. Curious choice on the Tal's though, Doesn't seem like the attack speed is worth losing so much much Vit and Dex. Overall, very impressive character.
Ya i paid roughly 150 in the rmah for my char but i figure i can make 70-75% back if i resell...and most of blizz games require a monthly charge. Ya, i got realllllly lucky with my crafting rolls and im usually very unlucky (ex. my first time gabbling experience a few weeks ago i lost 500 bucks and i was up 800 at one time......lol ;( About the chest, I know you will hate me but i crafted that on my 5th craft :D My friend who has been playing 20 times longer as me hates me for it, lol.

@ fappert 8/10 and i love those bracers! Would be perf for my monk.

Edit: Typos! Doh!

8/10? i think i might go cry myself to sleep now
I could really use some help, I would rate someone but I don't know enough yet. I had some help from a p100 monk recently but still pretty clueless. I had a bunch of gold and items in inv so threw this together rather fast. I am thining a wkl would be fun?

Solid monk making due with your budget. Most of your item rolls are sleepers but deceptively powerful when combined as a whole. I like how you put the one vit gem in chest to reach 50k life =)



When you wake up and look at your monk again....the next tears you experience will be that of joy!



You have double lifesteal so the 40k life should be sufficient. Only thing is to get your Dex up about ~500 more. You will break 200k DPS and 5k Armor which will put your monk in a place you want it to be.


Never seen shenlong's above 250k dps O.O

Never seen shenlong's above 250k dps O.O

Very standard 9/10 monk. I'm probably not the best person to give advice for you lol.

Can you someone tell me how I should spend 500 million gold? I thought I was going to be over 200k dps but im not sure where I went wrong. I seriously miscalculated when I bought my gear.

first of all, you dont have NEARLY enough sustain to do anything. 1k LoH will be out matched by even 2.0 LS. You dont have CC on your bracers, get CD on your gloves. get new weapons IMO, Shens are SO limited. yeah the bonus is nice BUT it will hold you back to mandating you to LoH gear. Let me know if you need help with new gear, add me and ill help where I can Ghost#1581
Nice monk - looks like he's pretty well balanced all round. I'd possibly look at increasing dex, but the only slots you really could would be shoulders or gloves. In terms of gloves rolling up trifectas is a time intensive exercise, and to change your shoulders you would have to sacrifice some of the EHP that you have.

You could look for a new WH - perhaps consider life % or a WH with more than 100 dex (but this is getting expensive gold wise).

Good luck and have fun!
I think all monk above me is 10/10.
06/30/2013 07:57 PMPosted by e7364nt
I think all monk above me is 10/10.

5.5/10 your gear could use a lot of changes
but considering what you are using its pretty good.

solid monk. I'm sure you've been progressively improving, and will continue to do so.. (limited mostly by funds and not strategy) so I won't belabor the critique. If anything I suggest the obvious choices - namely going for a witching hour, getting a crit mempo at some point, and crafting to replace bracers, shoulders etc. The lacunis would be particularly easy to upgrade.


8/10 good monk. craft some gloves and amulet. Though the ones you have on now are hard to beat.
@ Spime, you're lacking average damage on your rings, don't underestimate their impact on your dps, also you could aim for a better WH and then look to craft better gear and upgrade your mh, rest is solid, 7.5/10
@XinFanChen JACKIEJET you could try using only one life steal weapon since your AR is already too high. Attack speed on rare ring would be nice need more speed so that you could regenerate your life fast 8/10
@ XinFanChen Pretty hard to rate you cause you've got a far better toon than me. Will give you a 9.5 only cause I got sick of using the Skorn cause it was too slow. I suppose you could get more RE if you went to a Blackthorns instead of a Tal Rashas.... But hey, I don't even understand how you got so high a dps so who am I to judge?
Mulan, i could use your help more than you could use mine... :-)
i would start trying to craft some bracers, don't think i would be hard to upgrade the one u got.
then try to boost you're all res 360 is bit on the low side as well as you're life pool also a bit low boosting either one would help you a lot.

then i don't know how ure fairing with tr with just .33 sprit regen. yes quickening helps not sure if its enough. try looking for innas helm with spirit regen or a shenlong with it, i would alos suggest a shenlong with a soc if they are to expensive a rare could be fine.

@Sanosuke, armor good for DW. Resistance a little on the low side. I would add another 100 AR before I did away completely with OWE. Also I would look at getting at least 10K more health, preferably 15K. 7.5/10


Nice S&B monk,huge HP, great DPS, but low mitigation. You are not worry about health recover. Anyway, nice monk! (8.2/10)
@ManUnited those crafted pieces are pritty sick. only thing i notaced was your ring could be a tad bit better. overall 9.5/10

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