A New Hardcore Mode

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In this new hardcore mode when you spawn a new character rather than zombies attacking the gates, you must defeat Diablo instead. Just to prove you belong. Games are set to mp10 as default and can go no lower. Legendary drop rate is set to zero. Elite affixes are doubled (elites get 2 affixes in normal, 4 in nightmare, 6 in hell and 8 in inferno) and have enrage timers again. Death is not permenent, but your gear breaking is. All major bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan and Diablo) have their enrage timers set off at the start of the fight. In addition, Azmodan spawns with 100 phase beasts and Diablo is invisible. This mode unlocks when you reach level 60 for the first time.
without death, hardcore is just as meaningless as softcore imo.

would definitely be a brutal iron man challange if they balanced it (i assume you were exaggerating some parts)
Why not, sounds like a very interesting mode!

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